You hear a lot about the nutritional values ​​and uses of green tea and green tea in everyday life to help people resist aging, lose weight, prevent cancer …

However, the side effects of green tea that you should keep in mind to avoid reducing the nutritional value when using this drink as well as affecting health. Let’s see the side effects when using it incorrectly below!

1. Green tea acts as an antagonise to damage the liver

When taking any medicine, you should only drink it with filtered water and at least 2 hours away from other types of water. If you take medicine with green tea or drink green tea at the same time you take the medicine, it may cause hormonal and antibiotic stimulation in your body. This not only makes the medicine less effective but can also be dangerous to the liver.

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Do not use arbitrary drugs or multivitamins, especially not with green tea – illustrating image

2. The weight loss effect of green tea will be lost if taken with sugar

Caffeine in tea can enhance the amount of stomach secretions produced, helping the digestive process go smoothly, increasing the rate of fat burning. The tea mixtures in tea also help reduce excess fat in the body, which may be helpful in weight loss. Moreover, green tea does not contain calories, so it is good for those who want to keep in shape.

However, if you put a little sugar into tea to drink, everything changes completely. Not only does green tea no longer have the effect of losing weight, it can also make you more fat.


 Green tea will lose weight loss effects when drinking with sugar – collected image

3. Making mental disorders when drinking green tea too much in 1 day

Any good food no matter how good you should be. With green tea, although it contains a lot of antioxidants, it helps the body maintain a healthy youth, avoiding aging, but that doesn’t mean you can drink plenty of green tea daily. But if you drink too much green tea daily, the amount of caffeine in your body too much can lead to disorders in secreting hormones of the glands in your body. This can cause you to be in a serious mood disorder, including anxiety and normal mood swings.

You should only drink no more than 2-3 cups of green tea in a day.


Green tea confuses you when you drink too much – collected image

4. Causing digestive disorders when drinking green tea

Tannin in green tea can cause digestive disorders because it stimulates the stomach to release more acid. This side effect may not be too serious for healthy people, but for people with stomach problems including ulcers and esophageal reflux disease, digestive disorders can cause a lot of discomfort. .

5. Affects the absorption of nutrients into the blood

This is a side effect of green tea that many people know. The tannins in green tea can sometimes affect the ability of blood to absorb essential nutrients. This is especially true when it comes to iron absorption of blood. Studies have described that in people who consume excessive green tea, there is a significant reduction in iron absorption from 20-25%.


Young mothers should avoid using green tea in the first 3 months of pregnancy – collected images

With the effects on green tea, doctors often advise pregnant mothers to avoid drinking green tea in the first months of the boy’s term. This is better for the health of the fetus because caffeine in green tea can cause adverse effects on the developing brain of the child and is associated with neurological disability in the newborn. In addition, during this period, mothers need more iron supplements and green tea reduces this, so you should also limit drinking.

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