What we should need facial steaming?

Every day, our face is exposed to direct environmental effects such as smoke, air pollution, chemicals, cosmetics accumulated on the skin. These troubles will clog pores and cause inflammation, make the skin quickly aging and wrinkled.

Regularly exfoliating and using face mask, lotion is not enough. Because our skin needs to remove all toxins hidden deeply inside pores, and sauna is the best solution for that.

When steaming, the heat that is given from steam can open up your pores, dissolve the blood vessels under the skin, stimulate blood circulation and promote the excretion of toxins. This activates the cleansing from the inside to expel sediment and toxins out by sweating through the pores. The circulatory system is stimulated, the skin becomes elastic and smoother.

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Facial steaming will help remove all dirt and bacteria out of your skin.

Facial steaming with lemongrass and lemon


5 stalks of lemongrass

5 slices of fresh lemon

5 slices of fresh ginger

300ml water

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It’s easy to find out these available ingredients in your kitchen.


- Wash and slice the fresh lemongrass, lemon and ginger into a pot.

- Put pot on the stove, pour water and add all ingredients into a pot. Until water is boiled, reduce heat to low and cook more than 5 minutes. Then remove from heat.


- Wash your face with cleanser and warm water to remove all dirt and dead skin cells and open up the pores.

-  Place your head over the pot with a towel draped over to trap in the steam and inhale the steam.

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Steaming in 15 minutes to make your skin heather and smoother.

- The distance from face to the pot narrows as the water cooler and don’t let your face too close to prevent burning.

- After 15 minutes, you can put off the towel and use another clean towel to dry your face.

It’s advised to apply this method 2 times per week and for about 10 minutes. Facial steaming with lemongrass and lemon will clean deep your pores on the skin and help your skin easily absorb essential nutrients.