Wise mother should remember these 7 tips to be not blocked milk duct after birth

Blocked milk duct is a very common condition in postpartum mothers that makes a mother miserable while the baby is crying for milk. How to not be blocked milk duct after birth and what to do to clear milk duct when blocked? Please write down the following drugs.

Feed your baby regularly

There are many mothers with breast tenderness and pain not dare breastfeed. The cause of postpartum chest pain is due to excessive milk intake; therefore, to relieve you need to feed your baby right after birth and breastfeed frequently enough.

This is the easiest way to help the circulation of milk circuits and help your chest relax; be not blocked milk duct. Mothers should breastfeed regularly every 2-3 hours; or breastfeed according to the needs of the baby right after birth; to prevent cram with milk. Mothers try to feed the baby 10-12 times a day, not more than 3 hours in the night. Mothers try to feed her baby with at least 15 minutes, one on breast before switching to the other.

Do not limit your baby’s time. Sometimes you should change your baby’s position to increase lactation.

Massage your breasts by hand

If the milk stuck too long, causing the breasts to become stiff and painful; Mothers should use hand to massage gently on two breasts in a circle; the speed increases gradually, from 20 to 30 times, then use force to massage to push milk out, prevent blocked milk duct.

Apply hot compress

Combined with massage, you should apply hot compress to your breasts to be more effective. Apply hot compress helps relieve breasts pain; It also has the effect of dissolving the droplets and helps the milk flow easily out. Mothers can use a hot pack, or a hot towel to apply on your breasts.

Use a suction device

Usually during the first postpartum period, breast milk is so much that infant feeding is still poor; The amount of breast milk the baby suck is very small. When breastfeeding is not enough, blocked milk duct come easily. Therefore, you can use a breast pump to prevent blocked milk duct; suck milk every time you finish feeding. Mommy can suck the extra milk and use the milk storage bag to store it for later use. This will prevent the mother from block milk duct effectively.


Take a warm shower 

Shower with warm water spray directly on the chest to not block milk duct; will reduce chest tightness; The breasts also soften, make the chest to ease pain. When taking a shower, use your hands to massage so that the excess milk flows out in the water. This will help the mother to relieve pain effectively and prevent blocked milk duct.

The poultice is also a good tip to not stop milk after birth

 – Purple onions:

The mothers took the purple onion slices about 1.5mm thick, then put them on the two breasts, covered with soft paper towels, bandaged. Every day, two times, combined with breast massage, after about 4 days will be completely blocked.

– Jackfruit leaf:

Picking up 18 beautiful jackfruit leaves, rinsing, then heating, each 9-breasted breast, the mother should put on the hardest area. Then massage with your hands, pressing hard from top to bottom. When you see the milk flowing out, give it to your baby immediately and continuously in the following days as complete milk.

– Sticky rice:

Cook sticky sticky rice, then wrap the hot sticky rice in two soft cloths and apply the sides of the breast to the principles from outside to inside, making it continuously until sticky. Milk will be on them both.

– Papaya:

The mother should find a young papaya fruit, then cut the slices into thin slices, grilled them to heat and then apply them to the sides of the breasts, also have the effect of relieving pain, the milk beam is very effective.

– Cabbage leaves:

First, the mother bought the cabbage, separated each leaf, washed it to drain, could cut away the soft leaves, leaving only the hard part.

Use the hardened part of the cabbage leaves to heat the fire very hot (the hotter the better), cover up the milk clog with a layer of towel, if you are afraid of being too hot, leave a few layers. Then put the hardened cabbage stalks on the hot spot of the milk used for the day.

Less hot, then go back and do it again, withered leaves then change leaves.

– Lettuce leaves, lentils:

Pickled fish lettuce, each litchi holds, wash and clean. Then the mothers put both things in a small mortar, put them on both breasts and then bandage.

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