Our digestive system receives so many toxins from food every day, our intestinal tract is as dirty as a sewer pipe that has not been cleared for 30 years. We can wash the intestines with cassava flour. Especially older people.

People often use the method of cattle gut very complicated and time consuming.

Now I learn and experiment with a method of intestinal rinsing with cassava flour is very simple and effective.

3 times per week, you take 30 – 40g of cassava flour mixed with 100ml of warm boiled water and drink in the morning before breakfast 2h.

Bột sắn dây nguyên chất Kentary

A glass of cassava flour every day helps your digestive system better 

The gut is the earliest aging organ in the human body, all you eat shows your appearance and your health. Protecting the intestines with food is one of the best ways to protect your health.


Drinking tapioca powder every day helps the body stay healthy, the digestive system is stable – collectible picture

cassava flour is detoxifying, in addition, tapioca also has many biological minerals that are good for your digestive system. I hope my experience can help you with your excessive spending. In addition, cassava flour is also a nutritious, cool, detoxifying drink during hot days.

Kentary is committed to not sacrificing product quality, always loyal to customers, selling only Vietnamese-like cassava flour.

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