Turmeric starch is a spice in many dishes of housewives – Part 1

As for the last months of the year, when the weather is dry, the cold caused many diseases, especially respiratory diseases, inflammation, heart disease … Self-cooking dishes at home can both taste delicious and can prevent some common diseases is the choice of many housewives. Adding turmeric to everyday foods helps our menu more abundant and prevents some common diseases in winter.

Scientists have identified the advantage of turmeric starch: anti-inflammatory gastric ulcer, help lower blood cholesterol, anti-inflammatory, intestinal, hepatocytes stimulating and cholecysto. Add turmeric starch in cooking, the flavor of the dish will reduce the pungent smell of turmeric but the color is not inferior. From old to young, until the new unfamiliar with smell of turmeric can also use.


Turmeric starch is a spice in many dishes of housewives

I. Vermicelli with turmeric

1. Ingredients:

Vermicelli (enough for 4 persons)

Pork: 500gram

Pig heart: 400gram

Pig kidney: 400gram

2. Spices: turmeric starch, crashed garlic, salt, sugar, pepper, cooking oil, green onions, chives

3. Processing:

  • Put the oil in the pan, wait for the oil to boil, add crashed garlic, stir-fry until the garlic turn to brown-yellow
  • After that, add pork, heart and kidney of pig into pan, stir-fry and add in 2 teaspoons of turmeric starch.
  • After heart and kidney cooked, add vermicelli, stir-fry and taste for suitable.
  • Finally, cut shallots and scallions and put them into the pan, mix well again is finished dishes.
  • Turn off stove, sprinkle some more pepper. During the tasting process, you can substitute salt with fish sauce to bold the tastiness.

II. Carp cook with turmeric starch

1. Ingredients:

1 Carp

Star fruit, tomato, soup, turmeric starch, cooking oil, spices, onion,..

2. How to do:

  • You conduct cleaned, cut, marinated with salt and turmeric the carp to remove the fishy smell characteristic of the fish.
  • Cut into pieces star fruit, tomata and onion
  • Boil soup, add cooking oil, wait for oil to boil then put in the carp.
  • After the carp is cooked, take out it then put in onion and star fruit. Then put the mixture and cooked carp into boiling soup, continue to boil with low heat.
  • Then add tomato and eggs, taste for suitable.

Notice: Eat when hot to avoid the smell of fishy


III. Fish brining with turmeric starch

1. Ingredients:


3 tablespoons of turmeric starch, scallion, chili, fish sauce, sugar, spice, cooking oil, coconut water

2. Processing:

  • Clean fish
  • Marinated the fish with turmeric starch, fish sauce, sugar, spice, crashed scallion and chili about 15 minutes.
  • Put the fish in the pot, pour coconut milk, add cooking oil, boil over low fire until the water turn solid.
Turmeric Starch Is A Spice In Many Dishes Of Housewives – Part 1 14

IV.  Grilled ray with turmeric

1. Ingredients:

Ray: 500g-1kg

ginger leaves, 3 tablespoons of turmeric starch, garlic and purple onion

Half of lemon, fresh chili

2 teaspoons of fish sauce, ½ teaspoon of salt and pinch of pepper

2. Processing

  • Pick up the fresh rays, clean up. Leave whole fish and use sharp knife cut along the fish body in small steps so that fish absorb more easily when marinated.
  • Fresh turmeric, garlic shave clean and then chop
  • Marinate fish with mixture of turmeric, crashed garlic and a bit pepper, 2 teaspoons of fish sauce, salt and cooking oil, about 20 minutes.
  • Then put washed ginger leaves on the grill and put fish on top. After that, put more one layer of ginger leaves on the fish to cover the fish.
  • Grilled fish on a charcoal hot stove. During the baking occasionally scrape a little oil onto the surface of the leaf wrapped outside the fish so that the leaves do not burn by coal and burning fish.
  • Prepare some basil leaves and eat with hot rice and fish sauce.

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