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Pomelo is a popular food in tropical countries - google image

According to scientific research, pomelo peel contains large amounts of essential oils and about 2.5-3.2% of flavonoids neohesperidin provides good antioxidant.

Fatty liver is not too dangerous but will cause many complications if not treated in time to affect the health as well as the activities of other organs in the body, especially when the liver is the filtering agent of the muscle. If liver which has problems, it is the source of many other diseases.

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People who drink a lot of alcohol can easily get fatty liver disease - Internet image

Let's first learn about fatty liver disease!

I. What is fatty liver?

• Fatty liver is a disease that is caused by excess fat that goes beyond 5% of the liver. Most people with fatty liver disease will have some problems with liver dysfunction.

• At first, fatty liver disease does not affect the daily life and daily living of the sick. However, when the disease is severe, it causes more damage to the function of the liver, causing cirrhosis, sometimes causing liver cancer.

• The underlying cause of this disease is that people eat too much fat, drink too much alcohol and partly because of the body's hormones.

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When severe disease causes more damage to the function of the liver, causing cirrhosis, sometimes also cause liver cancer - internet image

  • In case of drinking alcohol, please refer to the following article:


II. Treatment of fatty liver with peel of grapefruit:

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Pomelo peel treat fatty liver - internet image

o Grapefruit shell: 500g

o Cold water: 300ml

III. How to make pomelo peel which treat fatty liver:

  • Remove the white part, chopped gold peel and drying or roated
  • Apply 50g peel and 300ml water boil to 100ml water.
  • Get drinking water during the day.
  • In case there are no pomelo peel can be substituted with orange shells, tangerines and similar ways, in addition to the use of lotus leaves, son tra (apple cat) drinks also have a good effect to cure fatty liver.
  • In addition to drinking a pomelo peel, for more convenience you can also use a pomelo peel to treat fatty liver, medium-sized, very strange food that helps to lose weight.

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Replacing the pomelo peel concentrate with pomelo peel jam will have a delicious and treat fatty liver - Kentary image

  • You can order Kentary pomelo peel drying soft, no preservatives, no flavoring, no food colors to replace junk food everyday and help fatty liver healthy and help weight loss.

IV. Effect of pomelo peel:

  • Treatment of fatty liver
  • Treatment cough.
  • Pomelo cure for stomach pain, edema ...
  • According to the South Medicine Book, the pomelo peel is also called Cam phao, which is bitter and spicy.
  • Pomelo peel does not have toxicity, good effect in sputum, harmony, coronary, edema and good for pain relief.

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Grapefruit Peel no toxicity, a good effect in reduce phlegm – internet image

  • The ingredients contained in pomelo crust also supports good treatment of blood fat and reduces liver disease
  • In addition, in the grapefruit shell containing flavonoid that protects the liver cells , confidentiality and improve the durability of the artery. The most distinctive is still the healing effects of fat in the liver and blood.

Treatment of liver steatosis by Pomelo peel as medicine Oriental medicine traditional is used very common, don't to time to liver steatosis and then find methods of treatment. You should use the food smart and wise right now to have 1 healthy body, not the room, except be fatty liver but also many other diseases.

Article referenced from herbalist Vu Quoc Trung – thanhniennewspapers