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Sức mạnh của sắn dây trong y học


This macrobiotic cassava tea in the morning has its main effect is to help alkalize the body fluids and strengthen the intestinal system, which is good for the digestive system, anti-aging for the gut - the earliest aging agency of body.

I. Raw materials for making cassava tea according to the nutrition method:

- 1/6 big salt apricot fruit

- 1/2 tablespoon shoyu soy sauce

- 3-5 drops of ginger juice

- 1 tablespoon clean water

- 1 tablespoon cassava flour

- 1/2 cup of hot bancha tea, not too thick, not too thin.


8 thực phẩm cần có trong nhà bếp thực dưỡng

Salt apricot - illustrating image

II. How to make cassava tea really supports the digestive system

Crush the apricots, add the cassava flour, add a little enough water to stir.

Boil bancha tea for 2 minutes, then slowly add to the mixture of cassava flour - apricot, stir well, then add soy sauce and ginger juice to mix.

III. How to use cassava tea

Use in the morning when it is warm, use before drinking anything or 30 minutes before breakfast.


Bột sắn dây Kentary, món quà mát lành, bổ dưỡng dành cho sức khỏe của Bạn. Photo: Minh Trương

Kentary cassava, cool, nutritious gift for your health - Minh Truong image

IV. The use of cassava tea in a vegetative method

The main effect of cassava tea is to help alkalize the body fluids and strengthen the intestinal system, which is good for the digestive system, anti-aging for the intestinal tract.

Today people eat a lot of meat, acidic foods are the cause of many diseases, especially acidic environment is the environment that helps cancer cells grow strongly.

 Cassava flour (Kudzu) - Being the most positive alkaline food in all foods, will help your body neutralize the acid in the stomach, resist many diseases such as gastric ulcer due to high acid content, help strengthen intestinal tract. Cassava is also used a lot in nutritious foods, in milk for children to help children digest faster and resist constipation. Current cassava flour is mixed well, You should read more about distinguishing cassava in order to buy the right powder.

Salted (Umeboshi) - Salted with sea salt and perilla leaves. Highly alkaline, it helps to support digestion and enhance vitality for intestinal microflora. Apricot salt is used a lot in a real cooking method. It is a positive food.

Shoyu (Natural soybean paste) - Made by fermenting soybeans with wheat and salt. It is used a lot in cooking and is a positive alkaline food.



Bancha tea - illustrating image

Bancha - "Cha" in Japanese means tea. Bancha is a tea made from the leaves and stems of Japanese tea bushes. Unlike many other teas with acidic properties, tea bancha is slightly alkaline. The specific name of the stalk is "kukicha"

Ginger juice - The juice is pressed from ginger by ginger root and then squeezed through a bucket of buckets. It tastes quite strong and has a negative alkaline nature.

As you can see, the cassava tea in the above method brings together most highly alkaline and neutralized yin foods to help the body absorb nutrients better. This tea is especially good for people who use a lot of meat, has a bad digestive system.

The article uses information from bepthucduong.

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