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Beauty, a powerful weapon of women. They spend a lot of time and money on their careers to improve their beauty. Today Kentary will show you the beauty improvement products like skin, hair, and body.

To maintain a long-lasting beauty You need to add food from inside by food You eat every day to be the number one factor for your beauty to last long.

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1. Mango fruit protects skin against aging:

Do you know? Mango is the beauty secret of the famous beauty who lived through the century: That Song. This fruit has a rich content of vitamin A, which maintains and restores skin cells. Skin You will get dry and scaby if you are deficient in vitamin A. The antioxidant properties of mangoes help fight the damage caused by free radical molecules and protect the skin from aging.

Instead of making mango masks, you can add mangoes to your daily dessert list. In this way, the mango will protect you from the inside, helping to smooth skin.



Mango, the secret of beauty protection for many people - collected image

2. The avocado restores the oil layer to the skin

This is a fruit rich in oil and vitamin B to nourish the skin. Butter works to supply water to the body and restore the oils that the shower gel and water wash away. Niacin in butter is an important vitamin B complex needed for healthy and fresh skin.

To be able to make the mask from the avocado, remove the butter "meat", beat it repeatedly and apply this mixture to the face and neck. About 15 minutes later, wash your face and neck with warm water.


Thực phẩm cải thiện nhan sắc

Butter is good for the skin, butter is also one of the most popular delicacies - collected image

3. Cassava flour detoxifies the body

The cassava flour is very nutritious and very cool, in addition, cassava also has the effect of detoxifying the body, protecting your intestines, the body's earliest aging body.


Sức mạnh của sắn dây trong y học

Drinking cassava daily helps you prevent colds, is very good for digestive system - Minh Truong's image

4. Anti-oxidizing green tea

Green tea contains many antioxidants and has anti-stress effects. Drinking green tea daily also helps you eliminate harmful rays caused by electronic items that affect the body.

If your eyes are dark, dip two bags of green tea into warm water, then place them on your eyes for 15 minutes.

Another good treatment for the eyes is to use cucumbers, with cool properties, which work against puffy eyes as well as dark circles around the eyes.


Đánh bay nỗi lo mỡ thừa

Anti-aging green tea - collected image

5. Olive oil gives you a beautiful hair

Good fats found in olive oil are essential for healthy, healthy hair.

For dry hair, try using a spoonful of olive oil to massage your scalp and hair; Then use a towel to wrap your head for 30 minutes. After this time, wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. This way will help bring the shine as well as the moisture needed for your hair.


Giải 12 độc tố phổ biến trong cơ thể

Olive oil helps reduce bad cholesterol - collected image

To be better You should combine to eat inside and use outside the skin. Eating scientifically, choosing healthy food is the first method to protect your body from disease and aging.

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