Today a lot of people come to meditation as a way to balance their minds and protect their health, meditation is becoming a close friend of modern people . You learn about meditation and start practicing, initially things may not be easy, the following small tips will help people who start meditation practice better . Let’s see it!

1. Meditation means meditated 

New meditators will worry about them doing wrong .

However, as a meditation monk and teacher Shunryu Suzuki “When you are in a meditative posture, you are in the right mind state, so you don’t need to try to reach any special state.” Don’t be disappointed if you don’t feel the feeling of deepness and happiness as soon as you meditate. Over time, you will realize that sitting is already meditation .

You need not force yourself to change, meditation will automatically do it .


Meditation in the morning helps you to calm down –  collected image

2. Choose an effective form of meditation for you 

Practicing meditation has many types, You can choose any type that best suits you to practice: – Breath meditation is the easiest way because you can practice at any time. When you sit or lie with your spine straight, you focus on your breathing but don’t try to change your breathing. When you breathe in, whisper “… and”, when you exhale, you count “… one”. Continue breathing and counting, when You breathe in and out: “… and … .1; and … 2; and … 3; and … .4”. When you count to 4, start again from the beginning for the next breath .

The numbers are optional, if you like, you can count to 10. However, when your mind will be easily distracted. If you recognize You forgot to count, then start counting again. There is also active meditation, laughing meditation, image meditation .. .

3. Schedule daily meditation 

As a new meditator, you will feel immediate health benefits such as relaxing and working more effectively, getting better sleep, getting a better wake up … even though it takes only 10 to 20 minutes of meditation each day. You will also realize that the benefits of meditation in relationships are more fun, less irritable … However, you have to meditate every day to achieve this. It is not easy, so go to the meditation schedule like other things.

Choose the time that You will be alone without distraction. If you want, you can turn on the music .

Some meditators meditate for 1 hour and 2 times a day .

Others meditate 20 minutes, 2 times a day. The time you spend meditating is helpful, no matter how short it is, including 5 minutes of meditation every day .


Schedule daily meditation – illustrating image

4. Keep the spine straight when meditating 

In meditation, posture is very important. Whether you sit or lie down meditate, keeping your spine straight is best for your health. In time, your mind and body will be comfortable in the state of meditation as soon as you are in the right position. That becomes a habit.

5. Pay attention to the feeling of meditation 

Author Susan Piver recommends, when you feel overwhelming emotions while meditating, you should put your attention to the feeling and not the story that makes that feeling .

If you are practicing breathing meditation, and you are overwhelmed with emotions, start focusing on your emotions without being dragged into the stories associated with emotions.

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Pay attention to the feeling of the body when meditating – illustrating image

6. Train physically with meditation 

When meditation becomes your daily exercise, You will find yourself eating healthier. Even if you don’t practice a lot, you will find that you tend to be active and exercise your body .

7. Choose music to meditate 

Some people like to listen to music while meditating, while others like quiet. If you have a busy, frustrating working day, meditating with music will help you calm down .

You can choose Buddhist scriptures or gentle music to help your mind relax so meditation will work faster for you .

8. Try with meditation styles 

Are you bored with the current meditation? Try another kind of meditation .

Image meditation: Choose a peaceful natural image, such as a beach or prairie grass. Imagine yourself there .

Meditation with hymns: Meditation with official hymns is called Kirtan. However, you can choose to sing loudly according to any music you like, whether opera or pop .

In that moment, focus on Your voice .

Walking meditation: When walking meditation, you will go slowly and be aware of your every step .


Images also help you meditate – illustrations

9. Meditation anywhere You can meditate anytime. 

You do not need to sit .

Try to feel yourself. When meditating, you feel your feet, your shoes, as well as your body weight on the ground. Then feel every step. Pay attention to every part of your body, from head to toe .

Feeling the body is an ideal form of meditation, You can at any time under any circumstance. You can focus on feeling at the tips of your fingers and legs, where nerves are concentrated in you .

Meditation is not difficult, it is important that you take time to practice daily to increase your body sensation, slowly you will see the obvious effect of meditation and meditation to help your mind be alert and work effectively .

According to Suc Khoe Gia Dinh


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