Strawberries, are a genus of angiosperms and flowering plants of the Rose family, which are popular. Strawberries originated from the Americas and were bred by European gardeners in the 18th century to create the most widely grown strawberry variety. Strawberries are grown for fruits in temperate regions. With an attractive aroma with sweet and sour strawberry, strawberries are favored. In Vietnam, the cool climate of Da Lat is an appropriate environment for strawberry cultivation, so this fruit is considered to be special. production of this plateau.

Strawberries have a high nutritional content and are good for health for the following reasons, so choose strawberries as a daily snack

1. The reason you should choose strawberries is a daily snack.

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Strawberries have a high nutritional composition good for health

Strawberries help prevent heart disease

Strawberries contain essential nutrients such as antioxidants and flavonoids that help prevent the accumulation of bad cholesterol that can clog arteries. Moreover, strawberries have anti-inflammatory properties, the first choice for your heart. Therefore, you should choose strawberries as a daily snack.

Strawberries help improve memory

If you are trying to improve your memory, add strawberries to your daily meals. Strawberries contain fisetin, natural flavonoids that stimulate and enhance memory. According to a study published in Annals of Neurology, consuming two or more strawberry servings per week may help delay memory decline in older women.

 Strawberries help increase your immune system

Vitamin C in strawberries helps strengthen the immune system and protect you from infection. A cup of strawberries contains 100% vitamin C that gives the body a healthy day.

Strawberries help prevent diabetes and constipation

If you have constipation, you should limit it by consuming enough fiber every day. Strawberries are high in fiber, control blood sugar and prevent diabetes. Diabetics can eat strawberries without worrying because strawberries have a low blood sugar index.

Strawberry makes skin perfect


Strawberries contain vitamin C and antioxidant properties that help slow down the aging process and keep your skin healthy and smooth. Strawberries contain salicylic acid to help prevent acne, keeping the skin smooth and natural.

Strawberries help prevent cancer

Strawberry is rich in antioxidants so it helps in preventing cancer. Antioxidants like zeathanacins and lutein in strawberries prevent the growth of cancer cells. In addition, Vitamin C helps strengthen the immune system for those who are struggling with cancer.

Strawberries help your bones

One of the most important reasons for you to strawberry is that it is great for your bones. Strawberry rich in potassium, manganese and some essential minerals help promote bone growth and keep bones healthy. So strawberry is very good for children.

Strawberries help lose weight effectively

Strawberries are low in calories (one cup only has 53 calories), lots of fiber help make you feel full longer and if you eat strawberries before meals it will help you eat less than usual. In addition, high levels of Vitamin C in strawberries will speed up metabolism and help your body burn more calories faster.

Strawberries help prevent hair loss

Strawberries contain folic acid, ellagic acid, vitamin B5 and vitamin B6, which help prevent hair loss. In addition, magnesium minerals help prevent fungal growth and dandruff. DIY strawberry hair mask is great for your hair.

Strawberries are good for pregnant women

Because of its high folate content, strawberries are good for your baby’s brain, spinal cord and skull development. Furthermore, strawberries containing folic acid can save babies from certain birth defects. If you are pregnant, consider including strawberries into your diet.

With the use of strawberries as above, you should choose strawberries as your family’s daily snack!


2. Kentary strawberries the best choice in your daily snacks

With fresh strawberries for 2-3 days only, you will lose the fresh and delicious taste if not quickly preserved, strawberry parts will be crushed, the parts will rot, can not be used anymore. The best choice in your daily snacks

Dalat Kentary Dried Strawberry will overcome these problems, you can call this product is strawberry jam, or dried strawberry, dried strawberries can also. Dried strawberries are made from fresh strawberries, cooked and dried to retain the nutrients contained in the berries. The aroma and sweetness of strawberries is still there, unmistakably, and will remain making you crave no less than eating fresh strawberries. So you should choose strawberries as a daily snack

Kentary cold-dried strawberries guarantee quality – Kentary’s picture

Come to Kentary products you are assured of quality.

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