The method of skin whitening is safe and effective only with cassava flour

Cassava is a cool drink for summer. In addition, cassava powder is also used to beautify, that is great skin whitening, cure acne. Kentary share you the way to beautify your skin through the article below “The method of skin whitening is safe and effective only with cassava flour”.

The uses of cassava flour in beauty

The cassava powder contains nutrients such as starch, isoflavones, proteins, lipids, glucids, plavonoids, etc. Plavonoid works to support the digestive system, circulation, antioxidants and promote circulation, against aging process.

In particular, Isoflavon is similar to the estrogen hormone in women so it can stabilize the activity of this hormone in the body, prevent the body to excrete too much pigment melanin (black pigmentation causes skin pigmentation, skin tones) and slow the aging process, beautify skin, whiten, reduce freckles smudge.

Cassava flour is highly effective in detoxifying and detoxing, which will quickly repel the toxins that accumulate inside the body, reduce acne and return to your skin as smooth as the original.

In addition to reducing acne and freckles, cassava powder is also used to exfoliate the skin every week.


Reduce acne, freckles and exfoliate with cassava flour

The property to treat freckles of cassava is derived from a group of isoflavones found in cassava tubers with estrogenic activity similar to estrogen in women. This substance will replace the hormone disorder, stabilize their activity, prevent the excessive excretion of melanin pigment to reduce dark circles, female hormone balance. In addition, Isoflavone is also an antioxidant that slows down the aging process in the body.

In addition to reducing freckles, cassava flour, when combined with strawberries, can quickly deplete the dead cells that accumulate in the pores, leaving the skin smooth, providing nutrients to the skin to become youthful and healthy.

cassava flour

How to make a mixture of reducing freckles and exfoliation with cassava powder:


½ bowl tomato juice

1 tablespoon of cassava flour

How to do:

After cleansing with warm water, apply a mixture of tomato juice and cassava powder to the skin, combined with gentle massage until the mixture is dry, rinse your face with warm water.

Do not leave the mixture on the face for too long that will dehydrate the skin and pull the skin to produce oil to balance the loss of water – the cause of the nasty acne.

With safe and effective skin whitening method for women with cassava powder will help you preserve beauty, against the signs of aging of the digestive organs, especially the intestinal tract, one of the the fastest aging parts of the body.


Wish you have a beautiful skin!

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