Vinegar is used in many families of Vietnamese people, there are many therapeutic effects of vinegar that few people know, in addition there are many types of vinegar. Vinegar is often distinguished from colors by being made from different materials. Let’s learn to distinguish the type of vinegar, the use of bureaus as well as cases should avoid using vinegar!

I. Classification

– Vinegar: made from rice wine or sticky rice, can be transparent, light yellow, red or black.

– White Vinegar: Transparent to light yellow, usually made from rice wine. This is the most common type used in most Asian countries. It has the highest concentration of acetic acid in the types of vinegar.


Depending on the material the vinegar has different colors – illustrating image

Red Vinegar: Made from pink rice due to its characteristic flavor but less acidity than white vinegar.

– Black Vinegar: Made from sticky rice with less acidity than red vinegar, but with a stronger taste. The vinegar is commonly used to marinate food and make sauce.

– Apple Vinegar: Made from apple juice for fermentation into wine, then into vinegar. Vinegar is usually light yellow.

– Grape Vinegar: made from wine. This vinegar is light yellow or red, depending on the color of the wine.

II. The use of vinegar

1. Stimulate digestion

Vinegar can increase appetite, have the effect of salivating and enhance digestion. Especially in the summer, due to sweat, many sourness followed by less that we do not want to eat. If in the cooking process a little vinegar can increase the chrysanthemum, thereby stimulating the eating.

Take 250g of fresh ginger, 500ml of vinegar. Freshly washed ginger, dipped in vinegar 1 day 1 night is a fresh ginger pickled vinegar. Each time take 3 slices of ginger pickled vinegar, add some red sugar, brake in boiling water instead of tea, has the effect of adjuvant treatment of unhealthy eating disorders, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain.

2. Supports intestinal disinfection:

Eating vinegar can improve the ability of bactericidal intestinal flora in the intestinal infectious disease season, vinegar can control a variety of bacteria, help prevent health diseases.

3. Increase the absorption of calcium

Vinegar can dissolve the calcium contained in the animal’s body but only dissolved calcium gets absorbed by the human intestine, so when foods are animals such as ribs, ducks, chickens … A little vinegar to help the body absorb calcium more fully.


Vinegar helps the body absorb calcium better – illustrating image

4. Vinegar keeps vitamin C in food

When cooking, especially vegetables made from vegetables or vitamin C foods, it is advisable to add some vinegar to reduce the loss of vitamin C in vegetables.

5. Hardening of arteries

People with high blood pressure before eating 1 teaspoon of vinegar mixed with sugar syrup or early morning to eat 10 peanut seeds soaked in vinegar also work to lower blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.

6. Stomach pain caused by worms

50g of vinegar mixed with 50mml of warm water, drink slowly can treat abdominal pain caused by bile duct worms.

7. Helps sleep

Those who have insomnia before going to bed drink a little boiling water mixed vinegar can go to sleep fast.

8. Constipation support

People who consume constipation drink more vinegar mixed with boiling water will defecate easier.

9. Anti-motion sickness, car with vinegar

Drunk people drinking vinegar in boiling water can cure the uncomfortable dizziness caused by the train.

10. Disease prevention with vinegar

In the room, one cubic meter of space uses 10 milliliters of vinegar, twice the amount of water, and then dried. While the distillery closed the doors. Doing daily for 3 days can prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as flu, meningitis, mucosal inflammation (mumps).

10. Vinegar is good for people with liver disease

According to oriental medicine, five nutrients are added, sour liver, which vinegar is sour taste should have a liver effect. Today’s medicine has proven: people with chronic liver disease, especially hepatitis and cirrhosis, have low acidity, are unlikely to kill bacteria from the oral cavity into the stomach, so the upper part of the small intestine These people have a lot of bacteria that grow, easily infect the whole body, making the liver worse, even worse. So people with chronic liver disease should eat more vinegar. Drinking vinegar helps regulate excess ammonia in the metabolism of people with chronic liver disease.

11. Reduce fat

The amino acid contained in the vinegar can not only consume excess fat in the body but can promote metabolism such as sugar and protein easily, thereby reducing fat.

However, you should use organic vinegar to promote the above effects.

III. Who should not eat vinegar?

– Do not use vinegar when drinking certain medications. Sulfathiazole drugs are prone to crystallization in the acidic environment, resulting in kidney damage. When using alkaline medicine, gastric ulcer drug, if eating vinegar will make the effect of drugs eliminate each other.

– People who are injured in bones should not eat the vinegar because after eating vinegar will make the pain aches, the more pain, making it difficult to hurt immediately.

People with gallstones, eating too much vinegar can make bile painful because acidic food in the intestine stimulates it to release intestinal hormones, causing the gallbladder to contract.

– People with gastric ulcer and excessive acidosis, if eating more vinegar will make the disease worse, so be careful when eating.

The use of vinegar can be used conveniently in everyday life, people use vinegar to replace lemon can be so long. Each type of vinegar often has different uses due to the vinegar material so you should also look into each type in order to be able to make the best use of the vinegar.

According to the Suc khoe Cuoc song

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