3 health benefits of dragon fruit for pregnant women

15.01.2020 09:16

Dragon fruit doesn’t just satisfy your food craving during pregnancy, but it also provides you several health benefits.

Here are the nutrition facts for a serving of 3.5 ounces, or 100 grams:

Water: 82,5 – 83 gram

Protein: 0,16 – 0,23 gram

Fat: 0.21 - 0 grams.

Fiber: 0,7 – 0,9 grams.

Beta carotene: 0,005 – 0,12 mg

Calcium: 6,3 – 8,8 mg

Phosphorus: 30,2 - 36,1 mg

Iron: 0,55 – 0,65 mg

Vitamin B1: 0,28-0,30 mg; vitamin B2: 0,043 – 0,045 mg, vitamin C: 8 – 9 mg,…

Dragon Fruit is good for pregnant women and fetus

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Supplies Energy

Carbohydrate is a crucial source of energy that you require for appropriate growth of your fetus. Dragon fruit is a natural source of carbohydrates which provide you sufficient energy during pregnancy. Just 100 grams of the delicious fruit provide you about 9 to 14 grams of carbohydrates (7). Isn’t this one of the great benefits of dragon fruit during pregnancy.

Promote health for pregnant women

During pregnancy, it’s important to supply vitamin C in diet for your body. Because not only does vitamin C enhance immune system but also helps your child  grown strong bone mineral density. This will also protect your child in the future by preventing the tendency of arthritis.

For those who have problem with oral hygiene, vitamin C is also essential for your health. You should supply at least 70mg vitamin C per day, and 85 gram of dragon fruit will help provide about 25mg vitamin C for your body.

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Constipation Relief

The presence of fibre in dragon fruit provides yet another benefit to the persistent problem of pregnant women. Have a regular consumption of dragon fruit and watch your digestive system bounce back to normalcy with streamlined functioning.

You can eat dragon fruit or combine into a delicious dragon salad for a snack in the afternoon. Alternatively, try dragon fruit smoothie. It is an ideal choice for breakfast. Therefore, pregnant women should eat dragon fruits to bring more benefits for themselves and their fetuses.

Prevents Birth Defects

The abundant amount of folate in dragon fruit makes it a healthy choice for a pregnant woman. Folate protects the unborn baby from neural tube defects.

The fruit also has several other essential nutrients like vitamins B1, B2, and B3, and vitamin C. It also contains other key nutrients that promote good health in the fetus, as well as its proper growth and development.

Description: thanh-long-la-loai-qua-rat-tot-cho-ba-bau-va-thai-nhi

Support immune system

The high vitamin and mineral content in dragon fruit, ranging from Vitamin’s C, B1, B2, B3, as well as calcium, phosphorous, iron, protein, niacin and fibre, make it a great way to improve the functioning of your immune system. Getting a proper amount of vitamins and minerals in your diet helps prevent you from getting sick and catching infections. As well, antioxidants (which dragon fruit is loaded), can help fight off bacteria and viruses in the body. The 80% water content of dragon fruit will also help flush out stagnant toxins, which may otherwise manifest as some sort of disease or illness (either now or in the future).

Think of the dragon fruit as a perfect substitute for your everyday. The exotic fruit is so good, you can swap it for any other daily dose of fruit.