Supplement with a garlic-rich diet to prevent the development of cancer.

For a long time, mankind has known to use garlic bulbs as spices and medicine. Traditional folk medicine of the ethnic groups also have much experience in using garlic for treatment. Garlic has many uses in protecting human health, many scientists encourage you to supplement with a garlic-rich diet to prevent the development of cancer.

Garlic can prevent cancer?

Studies show that people who eat fresh garlic at least twice a week have a 44% lower risk of lung cancer. The risk of lung cancer is also reduced by about 30% in people with smoking habits that eat garlic regularly. Garlic and its organic allyl sulfur components have been shown to effectively inhibit cancer cell progression. letters.

Free radicals are one of the main culprits in causing cancer. Fortunately, the nutrients in garlic have the ability to inhibit and destroy these free radicals. From there, it contributes to building a healthy body.


The nutrients in garlic have the ability to suppress the growth of cancer cells

The overgrowth of cells quickly leads to dangerous cancer formation. Scientists claim that regular garlic consumption is one of the most effective ways to control cell growth.

The process of cell formation and death is extremely necessary to maintain balance for the body. Many studies show that adding garlic in daily meals contributes to controlling cancer growth by destroying cells, creating a balance for the body.

Proper DNA regeneration is crucial in cancer prevention and control, including breast cancer. Garlic extract has been shown to be effective in promoting the active activity of DNA regeneration mechanisms

Lonely black garlic Ly Son with Singapore technology

Prevent cancer with lonely black garlic Ly Son

Lonely black garlic is a product obtained from the lonely garlic tree grown on Ly Son Island and naturally fermented according to Singapore technology for a long time, the product is black, the sweet taste, no pungent garlic smell. Usually, but has a pharmacological effect of dozens of times that of ordinary garlic, especially in preventing and treating cancer cell growth.


Black garlic works dozens of times better with fresh garlic

According to research by scientists, extracts of this product have a strong effect against tumor cells. The mechanism of action of black garlic is not by directly toxic to this cell, but through the immunostimulating pathway, eliminating the possibility of metastasis of tumor cells.

In particular, black garlic is rich in the active ingredient SAC, which reduces the proliferation of colon tumors and unusual spots – the earliest clinical signs of colon cancer. After processing, the SAC content after 40 days is 8 times higher than that of regular garlic.

Other uses of Ly Son black garlic

Prevention of cardiovascular diseases

Strong anti-aging

Reducing fat in liver and blood

Good for people with diabetes

Good for the health of pregnant women


Through the above article, you already know the special use of garlic, so you should supplement with a diet high in garlic to prevent the development of cancer!

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