Strawberry is a delicious, easy-to-find and not too expensive fruit, and gives you a range of effective beauty benefits. The skin is smoother thanks to a strawberry and cornstarch mask, this is a completely natural beauty tip that helps you have a smooth, glowing skin and can repel aging for 10 years!

The use of strawberries and cornstarch for the beauty process

• Because of containing alpha hydroxy, an acid working to remove dead cells, helping new cells grow fast and strong, strawberry is considered to be a natural product help lighten the skin and slow down the aging process.
• Corn seeds contain 38% flagellat, abscisin 18%, lysine 1.8-4.45% and tryptophan 0.4-1.0% depending on the type of corn. Many studies showed that corn seed husks have the main components – polysaccharid protein, hydroxyprolin and amino acids such as serine, threonin. Corn seeds contain a lot of vitamin E so corn is very useful in making you beautiful.


Cornstarch helps to remove oil in skin –google image

You can find cornstarch in supermarkets or in grocery stores specializing in dried foods!  

Have smoother skin thanks to the strawberry and cornstarch mask


• 1/2 cup of ripe strawberries
• 1/4 cup of cornstarch

Wash strawberries, cut stalks and cut strawberries in half – google image

How to:

• Add the corn starch and strawberries to a blender.
• Mix them until smooth.
• Wash your face with warm water.
• Use your hands to rub the mixture on your face (pay attention to avoid eye area)
• Wait for about 30 minutes; then rinse with warm water
The skin will be smoother if you use this strawberry and cornstarch mask twice a week. At the same time you should also eat strawberries. Eating strawberries helps you to have beautiful skin; strawberries are also good for your health!


Eating strawberries not only makes you beautiful, but is also good for your health- Kentary image

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