Skin of the baby – things to keep in mind

The skin of infants is extremely thin, sensitive so the mother must be extremely careful.

Congratulations, you have brought this little angel to this world. Did you ever imagine a lot about your baby during the months pregnant? Is baby like the beautiful baby in the picture? With rosy skin, round sparkle eyes? Mothers who have been through childbirth will laugh and say, “Not really.”

That’s right, mother. The new born baby will have wrinkled skin, flushed and white spots. Every newborn baby will be like that. Some babies will also have other skin conditions. In general, it is not perfect as the mother dreamed each day, dreaming about the most beautiful angel in the world. But do not worry, everything will change after about a month. At this point, it is important for the mother to understand the skin of the newborn. And how to care for baby gently, thoroughly to baby quickly change.

Why is the baby’s skin flush?

The reason is because the blood circulation system of the newborn baby just started. And their skin is so fragile that you can see these blushes all over your baby. That is the blood vessels around their body, you should not worry too much.

In addition, the skin of a newborn has a mucus layer called “vernix”. Or temporarily called fetal fluids – protect the baby’s skin from dry birth moments.

Do not worry, these two will soon disappear in a few weeks. However, to get the most complete skin color, babies will lose the first 6 months of life. Mothers are often worried because their children often have jaundice. Now just follow the doctor’s instructions. Lay the baby under a special light and under sunlight when he or she is brought home.

The baby has pimple!

The baby has a lot of white spots on their skin. Of course this is not puberty acnes. It is the hormones of the mother to the baby before the placenta separates. Absolutely not rub or squeeze the acne. They will leave fragile skin of your baby soon!

Be gentle and care for your baby’s skin carefully because the newborn baby is extremely thin!


Thin, fragile and super sensitive are the adjectives that describe the skin of an infant most accurately.

So skin is very easy to absorb water very quickly (simple is the skin will absorb the urine, the baby’s diarrhea as soon as it penetrates the skin), leading to eczema, itching, redness and the worst “diaper rash” if mothers do not choose the type of diaper well or choose the wrong diaper or forget to change the baby diapers. Pay attention to choose a pH-balanced diaper that does not contain chemicals or allergens.

Baby is born with scales on the scalp

Just before the mother’s labor day, her hormones affect the placenta. This increases the production of lubricant so the baby is born with scales on the scalp. A few weeks or months later, this phenomenon will go away on its own. If your baby is uncomfortable, see a doctor for advice.

Do you need to bathe your newborn every day?


Bathing is a work mom likes, because it seems to connect maternity more. However, experts recommend that daily bathing is not necessary. Because the baby’s sensitive skin will become dry and itchy after bathing. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the mother has to clean baby every time after peeing or defecating, avoid things from absorbing back into baby’s body. Daily bathing is not important.

Baby’s skin will be more stable and beautiful over time

Your baby will have soft skin after only the first 6 months of life. To help your child move quickly to this process, you must remember to moisturize your baby. Mothers should avoid irritation agents and carefully select products. Do not forget to express love, embrace when change diaper, breastfeeding so tender. Children will develop hormone (oxytocin hormone) to help accelerate the process of “changing skin” of the child faster.

Are mothers more aware of skin care for infants now?

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