Scientists say that in 100g of salba-chia seeds, the fiber content is up to 37.5g, of which 80% is insoluble fiber and 20% is soluble fiber. It contains:

  • Omega-3 is 6 times more than salmon
  • Calcium is 6.6 times more than milk
  • Potassium is 1.9 times more than banana
  • Iron is 6 times more spinach
  • Fiber is 49 times more than celery
  • Protein is 2.6 times more than tofu
  • Folate is 2.3 times more than lettuce
  • Megnesium is 15 times more than the broccoli 
  • Biotin is 8.4 times more than chicken liver
  • Antioxidants is 3 times more than blueberry 


Salba seeds contain many nutrients that are really good for health – Kentary pic



Supplementing energy:

Early Aztec warriors used salba-chia seeds as a means of strengthening and supplementing energy. They are very effective in increasing endurance and helping muscles recover quickly.

Supplementing Fiber:

Salba-chia seeds have high fiber content, of which 80% are insoluble fiber and 20% are soluble, which improve intestinal health and digestive system, prevent constipation, minimize intestinal diseases (including bowel cancer).

Improve heart health:

Salba-chia seeds contain abundant omega-3, are extremely good fatty acids for the body, help maintain the comfortable, anti-depressive and cardiovascular strength. Because the human body can’t synthesize Omega 3, the only way is to supplement with salba-chia seeds and other foods.

 According to research, salba-chia contains 20% Omega 3 – the essential fatty acids for cardiovascular system because Omega 3 has the function of reducing cholesterol, maintaining cardiovascular function and preventing blood clotting, atherosclerotic plaque and stroke.


Salba-chia contain 20% Omega 3 – Kentary pic


Make the skin, hair and nails more beautiful

 The antioxidants found in salba-chia not only enhance skin but also help strengthen hair and nails.

 The omega-3 fatty acids and proteins in the salba-chia seeds are great for a beautiful hair. They are effective in maintaining healthy scalp and hair.

Good for digestive system:

 Natural salba-chia seeds contain 37% fiber, 80% of which is insoluble fiber and 20% soluble, which helps digestive system function well. Because of its high fiber content, it helps the body absorb nutrients and the digestive system clear toxins, eliminate the cholesterol in the intestinal wall, thereby reducing the risk of bowel disease.

Support regain physique faster

 Salba-chia seeds also contain high levels of tryptophan, an amino acid that suppresses appetite. If you eat salba seeds when hungry, your body will get all essential amino acids, calcium, vitamins, omega-3s and omega-6s, and almost no calories. Salba-chia seeds also help control obesity and blood sugar levels by slowing the conversion of carbohydrates into sugars.

When accompanied with foods, salba-chia seeds create a feeling of fullness, which will help supplement full of substance without having to eat a lot, and not accumulate bad fat. It is also considered as a super food to help you slim.

In nutritious salba-chia seeds, it is able to absorb water up to 16 times more than its weight, so you will not have any appetite and not have to eat much, but still have enough energy. Using a glass of salba-chia before meals will help you avoid accumulating fat, effective obesity prevention. Combining with the daily exercise will bring you unexpected effects.

Hạt Salba Chia


Salba-chia is the top best food for people wanting to lose weight – Kentary pic


Have positive effects on vegetarians and diabetics

Salba seeds contain a rich source of nutrients, better supplement than consuming meats, and help regulate blood sugar, which is good for people with diabetes.

Experiments show that salba-chia seeds can grow up to 12 times larger when mixed with water and form a soft gel. When introduced into the body this gel helps the stomach to be slower and more uniformly low glycemic index. The use of chia seeds to help the body do not feel craving for sweetness thereby stabilizing blood sugar to prevent obesity. , avoid diabetes.

Vegetarians will not be provided enough calcium, iron, protein … so using salba-chia seeds is a sensible option. The salba-chia seeds contain: Iron, Phosphorus, Calcium, Protein, and Minerals.

Effective against osteoporosis

 Osteoporosis is a common occurrence in elder people who have to face the decrease of estrogen hormones, leading to an imbalance in the amount of calcium in blood that causes osteoporosis. Therefore, you need to add enough calcium to the body effectively. The research shows that salba – chia seeds contain all the nutrients that help promote healthy bones such as Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Zinc and Bo…, which is good to help you improve aging process of bone quickly.

Provides vitamins and minerals needed for body

 As a result of daily activities, the body often loses essential minerals, salba – chia seeds provide fully minerals and vitamins and therefore provide the body with full energy after tired long day of work.


This healthy and safe product is an ideal choice for vegetarians and diabetic – Kentary pic



Reproduce the neuronal cell system and fetal brain development

 Pregnant women need adequate nutrients for fetus to develop well, salba-chia seeds contain folate, which is important for development nervous system and brain of fetus in the first 3 months of pregnancy period.

In addition, the salba-chia seeds contain the nutrients that the pregnant woman needs providing daily, which is Omega 3, iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin A. It can be said that chia seeds are among the rare herbs that contain two important nutrients are Folate and Omega 3.

In salba – chia seeds contain very high Omega 3 content to help reproduce the neuronal system as well as brain development, so using salba-chia seeds is very necessary for pregnant women and children.


Salba-chia seeds are beneficial for fetus’s brain development – Kentary pic


Blood supplement for pregnant women

Folate content in salba – chia seeds helps to supplement red blood cells, prevent neural tube defects and help fetus develop comprehensively both intelligence and constitution. Moreover, salba-chia seeds contain high Fe content, that helps supplement blood effectively.

Good for milk source of pregnant women

 Salba-chia seeds help to reduce stress and fatigue. It provides abundant milk to the mother after giving birth because salba-chia seeds contain high levels of protein and nutrients are easier to digest than the protein in meat which helps the body absorb easily.

Good for bone health of mother and fetus

Calcium content in salba seeds is very high. That helps not only strengthen bones of mother, but also develop bone of fetus very well from the very beginning. Research shows that it is easier for children to absorb calcium from the seed than from breast milk. 

Reduce obstipation for pregnant women

Pregnant women often have complex regimens and appetites, the pregnancy process will occur hormone changes, which directly affect the intestines, causing difficulties for the process of eliminating toxic substances out of the body through anus. Without proper regimen, constipation is a common symptom in pregnant women. To avoid this, the use of salba-chia seeds is most appropriate because of the high fiber content of it, so pregnant women can use salba – chia seeds to replenish the body without worrying about gaining weight.



Salba seeds also help pregnant women aid in weight loss – Kentary pic



 Add 10g of salba seeds to 50ml of warm water, stir quickly and let stay 10 minutes for seeds to turn into gel, add 1 teaspoon of honey and then use.

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