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Fruit after buying from the garden house with the standard clean fruits selected from clean raw material areas must stop all care activities completely within 15 days.


The fruits brought back are ripened  according to the prescribed time for each type of fruit to ensure the sugar level in the fruit is raised to the right level to help the fruit to be more delicious and sweet without using sugar cane.


Phân loại nguyên liệu sau khi đã làm sạch bước một.

Classifying materials meet the production requirements after cleaning step one.


Put the materials through a cleaning machine to remove all impurities and pesticide residues if they remain on the product. Ensure the quality of raw materials cleaned completely before production.


Cho nguyên liệu qua máy làm sạch để loại bỏ tất cả các chất bẩn cũng như dư lượng thuốc bảo vệ thực vật nếu còn bám trên sản phẩm. Bảo đảm chất lượng nguyên liệu sạch hoàn toàn trước khi sản xuất.

After the pre-processing products are put into the drying chamber to adjust the appropriate temperature and dry in a closed process.



After the materials are cleaned, the seeds will be removed and put into the drying chamber with the drying temperature below 10ºC  with soft drying and - 50ºC to - 60 ºC with freeze-dryng so that the product retains their characteristic color and aroma.



Products are passed through metal detectors to check the quality of the inside depth again before being transferred to packaging.



The whole  product handling process after drying is completed.


After drying, the product meet the requirements will be checked and removed the parts that not pretty, not tasty and delicious. And retain the most beautiful part of the product, pack and delivery to consumers.



Kentary's factory address:

  1. 5 Kim Dong – Gio Linh Town,  Gio Linh district, Quang Tri province.
  2. Hapro Food Industry Zone, Le Chi. Gia Lam – Ha Noi.
  3. Industrial area Nhon Trach 1 – Nhon Trach – Dong Nai
  4. Sub-area Che Den – Moc Chau – Son La


The dried fruits and functional foods of Kentary 

  1. Soft-dried Produces
  2. Soft-dried Produces with honey
  3. Functional foods
  4. Freeze-dried produces
  5. Soft-dried produces with low temperature
  6. Sugar free soft-dried


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