Many pregnant women believe that eating jackfruit is unhealthy, affecting the health of the fetus. However, through this article, pregnant women will know whether or not to eat jackfruit during pregnancy.

About jackfruit

Jackfruit is a mulberry tree species originating from countries like India, Bangladessh …, which is a familiar fruit for everyone, jackfruit is a favored specialty. Jackfruit fruit in the middle of spring and ripen in late summer (July-August).

• There are 2 main types: wet jackfruit and dry jackfruit. Except for the thorny peel, the rest of the jackfruit is edible. Ripe jackfruit is usually eaten fresh, jackfruit fiber can be pickled and boiled jackfruit seeds are also edible. Young jackfruit is also used as a vegetable to cook soup, stew fish and mix salad.

Pregnant women should eat jackfruit to supplement nutrition for the good health of the fetus

Consolidate the immune system

Containing an abundant amount of vitamin C, eating jackfruit will contribute to strengthening the “wall” of immunity, helping the body prevent the attack of viruses, pathogenic bacteria. At the same time, this is also a “sweet” measure that helps protect pregnant women from common diseases.

Preventing the risk of anemia

As recommended by experts, eating jackfruit regularly can help pregnant women prevent iron deficiency anemia, because jackfruit is also one of the rich sources of iron supply. However, compared to animal iron, plant iron is less in amount and more difficult to absorb.


Eating jackfruit is good for health and the fetus’ growth – collected image

Has a high blood pressure treatment for pregnant women

Potassium contained in jackfruit has been proved to lower blood pressure. On average, every 100g of jackfruit will provide about 303 milligrams of potassium, which reduces the body’s blood pressure. Therefore, pregnant women should eat jackfruit to help maintain blood pressure levels under control, especially women with a history of high blood pressure. In addition, eating jackfruit also helps pregnant women prevent heart disease and limit the risk of stroke.

Reduce the risk of thyroid disorders

The increase of hCG hormone during pregnancy will affect the amount of thyroid hormone in the blood, increasing the risk of thyroid disorders. If not detected and treated promptly, thyroid disorders can be dangerous for both you and your baby. According to research by experts, eating jackfruit regularly helps maintain normal thyroid functions, helping to prevent thyroid problems in women.

Enhance digestive activity

The fiber content in jackfruit can meet 11% of the body’s daily fiber needs, helping prevent constipation and support the body’s normal digestion. In addition, this fiber is also effective in removing the mucous membrane from the intestine, preventing stomach ulcers and colon cancer risk.


There are many minerals and vitamins in jackfruit that are good for pregnant women – collected image

Kentary freeze-dried jackfruit

• You can only keep fresh jackfruit for only a few days, it will lose its fresh and delicious taste if it is not quickly preserved, then you cannot use it anymore.

• Kentay freeze-dried jackfruit is the best choice for your daily snacks.

• Freeze-dried fruits are low-tech dried fruits that retain many of the original nutrients and colors of the fruits compared to common drying technologies, the color of cold-dried fruits is kept many times longer than the original fuits. Dried fruits are very suitable to be used as gifts instead of fruits using other toxic chemicals coloring.


Freeze-dried jackfruit is a delicious sweet snack that is good for health – Kentary’s image

Notice when pregnant women eat jackfruit

• You should eat about 60-80g a day just enough to take advantage of the fruit benefits and not do harm to the body.

• Pregnant women who are allergic to jackfruit or have coagulopathy should not eat jackfruit because it can make the condition worse.

We hope this helps pregnant women to add one more nutritious food into their menu!


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