Every time constitutional is mentioned, you must think of the nourishing and nourishing foods, including many elements in which you have a habit, and we will learn how to take care of your child by habit so you can take your muscles. Be healthy with your daily routine!

1. Nourishing by habit of soaking feet before going to bed:

Soaking feet in hot water is a very good Nourishing habit – illustrating

Every day, soaking your feet in warm water for 20 minutes will help people with heart disease improve cardiovascular function. Foot bath also speeds up blood circulation, reducing fatigue. For young people, soak their feet for 15-20 minutes, the elderly can last 20-30 minutes a day, noting the water temperature should not exceed 40 ° C.

2. Nourishing by habit of prolonging lunch and dinner time:

Nowadays, “short and fast” are to word to visualize the current speed of human consumption. Shortening your time means you are shortening your life. Experts recommend that it should take 15-20 minutes for breakfast, lunch and dinner to take about 30 minutes. The best food should chew carefully about 25-50 times before swallowing.


3. Nourishing by habit of walking 30 minutes after eating rice

Walking in 100 steps after eating can help you live to 99 years. Walking is an useful activity, it will be bettter if walking can help you sweat. So that, let practice walking after eating.

4. Nourishing habit by letting the phone ring for 5 seconds then hear it:

In just 5 seconds you can reduce the risk of brain cancer. When the phone has just connected and made an incoming call, the line signal is still unstable, at this time the electromagnetic radiation is at the highest level. Therefore, to minimize the amount of radiation affecting the brain, it’s best to listen to the phone after ringing for 5 seconds.

5. Nourishing with habit of restraint and patience before anger:

Life with high pressure will make it harder for us to “control” ourselves. Take 10 seconds to calm down before you get overreacted to the pressures you’re facing. The incidence of mental illness among people who are angry when under pressure is three times higher than those who control.


Anger can be harm to your health – illustrating

6. Nourishing by habit of standing up:

Regardless of how long each day you sit on a chair, you should spend 1 minute every hour “not seeing the chair” to stand up. Standing tons can regulate “fine, breathing, sprit”, when standing, they must concentrate spirit, breathing regularly, standing must be firm, center of gravity is lower, stable to practice throat, chest and kidney, moreover must tighten the abdominal muscles and leg muscles to achieve the purpose of body training. When you practice this habit, you can practice more breathing, hold your breath … to make your body healthier.

7. Nourishing by habit after being awake lie down for 2 minutes before waking up:

According to inaccurate statistics, more than 2 million people die each year from the wind. In cases of wind and sudden death, about 25% of cases develop when they wake up. Therefore, when I woke up, immediately get out of bed, so lay down for 2-3 minutes then slowly sit up. Immediately switching from lying to sitting, even getting up to work will always cause the blood circulation speed to change abruptly, the blood does not keep up with the brain, leading to the lack of oxygen to lead to collapsing. puberty is a good Nourishing habit.

8. Nourishing with the habit of brushing teeth for 3 minutes

The survey showed that more than 60% of the population did not know how to brush their teeth properly, brushing their teeth for less than 3 minutes and beating as well as not brushing. “Usually, the most reasonable time for brushing teeth is about 3 minutes in the early morning and evening before going to bed”. Prof.Hong Chieu Quang said that the best brushing method is from top to bottom, from left right, brush sequentially from lips, cheeks, palate to tongue, when brushing through each part, move the brush through 1, 2 teeth, thoroughly brush all teeth within 4.5 minutes. If using an automatic brush, just beat within 2 minutes.


These 2 minutes also allows fluoride in toothpaste to work. Now turn on the watch to practice this habit of living right now today.

9. Nourishing with the habit of turning on the kitchen deodorizer for 4 minutes after cooking is finished:

According to a newspaper report, cooking while the ventilation system is poor, the burning efficiency of the stove will reduce health damage, equivalent to the fact that you smoke 2 cigarettes a day. Therefore, when cooking is finished, you should still turn on deodorant vacuum for about 4-5 minutes to completely eliminate harmful substances in the air.

10. Nourishing by eyes practice routine 5 minutes a day:

Each time your eye training will cost you 5 minutes but every time you rest your eyes like “eyes holiday”. This is not just for students, but anyone, from old to young, should maintain this good habit.

How to pratice your eyes simply:

Sit cross-legged, straight back and head , relax your body, breathe evenly and deeply.

– Slowly look up as high as possible, then look down to the best of your ability. Repeat at least 10-15 times. Then close your eyes and relax for 30 seconds before moving on to another exercise.

– Open your eyes, look all the way to the right, then look all the way to the left. Repeat movements at least 10-15 times. Then close your eyes and relax for 30 seconds.

– Move the diagonal eye up to the right, then lower your eyes diagonally to the left 10 – 15 times. Next look diagonally upwards to the left, then cross down to the right 10-15 times. Close your eyes to relax for 30 seconds.

Turn your eyes into a clockwise circle. At first, do it slowly, gradually increasing speed. Practice at least 10 – 15 rounds. Relax for 30 seconds, then roll your eyes counterclockwise 10 – 15 times. Then close your eyes and relax for 30 seconds.


Exercise for the eyes to cure myopia – illustrating

11. Nourishing with 30 minutes of daily work routine

The energy level consumed in 8 minutes of cleaning or 15 minutes of washing dishes is equivalent to walking 1000 steps. Keep in mind that daily activities should not be less than “6000 steps”, washing dishes, cleaning houses, cleaning homes is also a very useful way of exercise that makes your home more clean and cozy.

12. Nourishing by habit of watching comedy movies:

According to a report, smiling when watching comedies will help speed blood circulation 21%, Moreover, the effect can last for 24 hours. Conversely, when watching boring programs, the blood speed will slow down by 18%. Therefore, please laugh comfortably when you can!

13. Nourishing by regularly teeth brushing helps reduce goiter:

Dental care not only brings aesthetic beauty, according to the study, the cause of goiter due to prolonged oral diseases accounts for 80%. Moreover, the elimination of bacteria in the oral cavity is very simple, just need to work hard on brushing teeth twice with toothpaste you have reduced dental diseases and goiter.

14. The habit of drinking tea reduces 20% of the risk of being hit by the wind

According to research, people who drink more than 3 cups of tea a day will reduce the risk of being hit by the wind compared to those who drink less tea. Whether it is pink tea or green tea, only polyphenols and amino acids in tea can protect blood vessels and arteries.


15. Nourishing by love, in hands with your lover, every stress will disappear

According to research, a hug, a tight grip is the best way to reduce pressure. Especially in times of worrying a fist with familiar hands can lower blood pressure, calm, make you comfortable and relieved.

16. Nourishing by yoga practice:

For people with mild back pain, twice a week, every 90 minutes of yoga will help you relieve back pain, even limiting your risk of depression. If you do not have the condition to practice yoga, you can lie comfortably in bed, so that maximum parts of the person who is in contact with the bed surface can help you reduce back pain.

17. Nourishing by habit of using daily nutrition food:

Cassava flour, food rich in oxidative nutrients, is good for human digestive system. Photo: Minh Truong

Referring to the nutrition, it is impossible not to mention the habit of using nutritious food because the disease comes from the mouth to your health.

Commonly used food products are brown rice, tamari soy sauce, apricot sauce, cassava… you can see more carefully through this article:

Nourishing with good habits and easy to implement, You can use it daily to train yourself and your family healthy.





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