Notes when drinking cassava flour

15.01.2020 09:16

Pure cassava flour has many uses for health but not everyone can use and use it properly. Learn immediately to avoid making mistakes when eating cassava, avoid the unwanted effects through the article that Kentary share below.

Notes when drinking cassava flour

  • Loose elbows, abdominal fullness, cold stomach, hands often cold, not thirsty, mouth pale, yellow face ... should not use cassava.
  • The habit of blossoming grapefruit into cassava so that the drinking water is more fragrant, but this habit should be dropped because the grapefruit is  significantly reduce the medicinal properties of cassava flour.
  • Ideally, even healthy people should not drink more than 1 cup of cassava per day. Do not drink raw cassava that you should boil

For children

Nhung-luu-y-can-thiet-khi-ban-uong-bot-san-day 3

Doctor Vu Quoc Trung counsel that cassava is a benign food, but it should not be taken for children to drink raw too much. Because raw cassava flour have cold properties, they can cause abdominal pain and diarrhea. You should cook cassava powder for children to reduce the cold. Cassava flour provides very little energy so it is only used as a side dish for children, should not substitute for the main meal.

For pregnant women

If your body is hot, drinking cassava is very good, but if you find yourself cold, body fatigue is manifestations of hypotension, you should not drink because cassava will increase the coldness of the body, make you more tired.

In case pregnant women show signs of abnormal pregnancy because the uterus contractions are too much, it is not allowed to use cassava flour.

Nhung-luu-y-can-thiet-khi-ban-uong-bot-san-day 3

Kentary cassava has a warm aroma of sunshine and windiness, the coolness of autumn rain and the characteristic flavor of central area.

Kentary cassava flour is a source of cassava grown in Quang Tri, which is completely different from other cassava cultivars planted in other areas. It is characterized by the fact that only cassava is cultivated in Vietnam without the use of chemical fertilizers. Farmers only use forest leaves as fertilizer, which is good for your health.


From the cassava wire, we bring the fine grind, then filter the starch through the clean cloth, after many times to remove the strips, put cassava powder under the sun to dry powder, create the complete product for people.