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In the first period of pregnancy, most women have to pass through morning sickness. The most common symptoms are nausea and vomiting. Vomiting due to sickness is usually in the morning after getting up and meal. Mothers are worried about not supplying enough nutrients for their babies, especially for those who have serious morning sickness. As usual, from 12 to 14 weeks, morning sickness will gradually reduce. However, up to 11% of pregnant women will get morning sickness. Therefore, mothers need to know how to "live together" with these unpleasant symptoms by eating grapes regularly. Because grapes can help you get rid of nausea and keep baby healthy.


Grapes benefits during pregnancy


·        Give your child brighter eyes because they contain lot of vitamin A and flavonol compound beneficial for eyesight.

·        Vitamin B in grapes fruit can help pregnant women control their metabolism rate.

·        Contain folate that prevents any defects from occurring in the nerve pipe, which help the children avoid handicapped nerve pipe.

·        The Kali and sodium in grapes help develop their nerve system better and phosphorus in them.

·        Source of magnesium which can help relieve cramps you might experience.



Grapes contain a rich source of nutrients which is really good for pregnant women and fetus.


·        Drinking a glass of grape juice reduces stress in pregnant women and becomes more useful for them before they begin to labour.

·        Mothers-to-be can also fight infections better with a stronger immunity; all thanks to antioxidants such as anthocyanins, flavon, geraniol, linalol, nerol and tannin present in grapes.

·        High cholesterol is a common problem in expecting women and can be controlled by drinking a glass of grape juice daily which has high amounts of resveratrol.

·        Arthritis and asthma can also be controlled through anti-inflammatory properties on grapes.

·        Fiber is the main problem solver to constipation and help support digestive system.

·        Grapes are completely cholesterol-free and low-calories, which helps keep pregnant women healthy throughout pregnancy.

·        Grape leaves have an application during pregnancy and that’s to help slow down the bleeding of the womb during or after giving birth.

·        Grape are filled with vitamin A and K which is great for congealing our blood and has great applications during labour.



During the first period of pregnancy, grapes help treat nausea effectively


Dried organic Sunmuscat grapes are good for pregnant women


Raison is rich in iron which helps prevent anemia and edema. Raisin is very beneficial but pregnant women should not eat much, especially pregnant women gain more weight or have diabetes.


Raisins are also a good source of iron for people with anemia, hemorrhoid or menopausal women. It’s recommended to choose raisin to add iron for your body.


During pregnancy, women are more likely to suffer from iron deficiency anemia due to fetal development. B vitamins, iron and some minerals help to increase the concentration of hemoglobin in your body, help prevent anemia and common diseases such as headaches, dizziness, nausea.




Dried organic Sunmuscat grapes are good for pregnant women and their fetus