Amazing benefits of grapes for pregnant women

15.01.2020 09:16

Nutrient Value

Grapes are thought by traditional Chinese medicine to be helpful in nourishing the blood, strengthening bones and tendons, harmonizing the stomach, and relieving irritability; they are used in the treatment of certain types of arthritis, tendonitis, painful urination, hepatitis, jaundice, anemia, and flu.

For every 100g grape, there are 68 calories, 10-12g sugar, 11mg vitamin C. Grapes contain polyphenols that have antioxidant effects, protect cells and vitamins in your body and prevent the formation of free radicals. Therefore, eating grapes help your body stay healthy, reduce wrinkles on skin and prevent virus invasion. In addition, grapes contain more glucose and fructose, vitamins and minerals to enhance your immune system.

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Eating grapes help improve your immune system

According to Dr. Tran Dinh Toan, resveratrol in grape skin are similar to estrogen hormone in our body and antibacterial substances. They can reduce cholesterol levels and protect blood vessels in out body. Therefore, it’s better to eating grape skin instead of remove it.

Grape contains a lot of linoleic acid, which help prevent coagulation and reduce platelet aggregation, which is effective in preventing cardiovascular disease.

Eating grape is good for pregnant women and fetus

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Grape contains much beneficial nutrients

Keep your body hydrated: Eating grapes during pregnancy helps to hydrate your body as grapes contain up to 85% water.

Treat hair loss: Grapes, with an abundance of vitamin B and iron can help treat hair loss. Eating grapes regularly helps in strengthening the hair follicles for strong and healthy hair.

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Grapes are rich on vitamin B which is good for your health


These are how grapes fibers clean toxin in the body:

•           Expediting the digestive system.

•           Cleaning the toxin in the bowels.

In additions, the amount of water and potassium in grapes help diuretic, support digestive system and promote detoxification process.

Prevent indigestion

Bloating and burning in the stomach can be cured by consuming a glass of grape juice. This can also prevent dyspepsia.

Improve the development of fetus brain

Folic Acid in grapes is helpful for improving the development of fetus brain. The most important function of folic acid is its ability to reduce the risk of birth defects.

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Drinking grape juice or eating grapes will help your baby develop well