Prevent cancer simply by drinking ginger and honey

15.01.2020 09:16

Sometimes we think a little ginger just makes our food more flavorful. If you think so, you're wrong! Although it is small but its use is not small at all! When you read the article “Prevent cancer simply by drinking ginger and honey”, you will have a completely different view on it!

Prevent cancer simply by drinking ginger and honey


Fresh ginger: 200g

Pure honey: 500ml


How to do:

  • Fresh ginger picking old, wash under the tap, crush with wooden mortar pestle.
  • Pour the honey into the glass jar, put all the ginger crushed, take the wooden spoon stir well, store in a cool place for daily use.


  • Of particular note is that during the preparation of ginger and honey, absolutely not use in metal. The entire process of pounding ginger to stir the water must be used in wooden or ceramics stuffs.

How to use:

  • Regularly drink 3 to 4 times a day. Each time a teaspoon of liquid from ginger and honey. If it is difficult to drink, dilute it with water.

Some studies have shown that ginger honey has anti-cancer properties:

J. Rebecca Liu at the University of Michigan said: Cell death - the cancer cells will kill themselves without harm to the surrounding cells; Spiraling cells - the cells will be fooled to self-digest.

Another study mentioned on the ScienceDaily website also suggests that ginger is capable of inhibiting the development of lung cancer cells.

Research from Georgia State University, in mice, also found that using ginger reduced the size of prostate tumors to 56%.


People with cancer should only view this drink as a functional food because these experiments have been primarily tested in mice and have not been directly tested in humans. However, the use of these drinks is relatively safe, non-toxic, and most people are advised to drink ginger tea or ginger on everyday foods as a way to protect and improve their health.

Wish you a good health!