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People with dimpled cheeks have a special charm, sweet smile and they are really attractive. Moreover, according to Eastern culture, dimpled cheeks are seemed as a lucky symbol, the deeper the dimpled cheeks are, the luckier it is. Thus, many pregnant women would like to have their new-born babies with dimpled cheeks.


The scientists say that dimpled cheeks are a small defect in the cheek muscle system that is formed from the embryo and just a few people own them. When people laugh, the adhesion between the laughing muscle and the upper skin causes the muscles to contract, pulls the skin inside and forms a small ‘dent’.

Whether having dimpled cheeks or not is not relevant to genetic factors. This is also the reason for dimpled cheeks of babies. If both parents have dimpled cheeks, the likelihood of having a dimpled baby is up to 50%. By contrast, if either father or mother has dimpled cheeks, the likelihood of this case ranges from 25 to 50%.

It means that if both parents don’t have or even have dimpled cheeks, the likelihood of having dimpled baby may be 0. Thus, many mothers would like to find some ways to make their babies more beautiful.

There are many folk ways that are spoken and widely used by mothers. However, there are still an official study about these ways, many mothers still adopt and assert about their effectiveness. Here are some of the most effective methods.


Eating many pomegranates.


Ăn nhiều lựu hoặc uống nước ép lựu để sinh con có má lúm đồng tiền

Eating or drinking pomegranate juice  to have new-born babies with dimpled cheeks. 


This is the most popular method that is believed to be used by a lot of women. Eating many pomegranates is said to be an effective way to bear a dimpled baby. Or there is a less common way that stealing pomegranates and sneaking on eating alone.


Although nobody can assure that the figure for eating pomegranate to have a dimpled baby is 100%, eating this fruit is good for both pregnant women and babies. A number of studies are claimed that pomegranate is a great source of natural vitamins, which is really good for fetuses. Besides, the pregnant women are beneficial to their heath and resistance. During the pregnancy, women usually eating or drinking pomegranate juice may avoid the risk of heart and brain defects. 


Ask for dimpled cheeks from other babies


Xin lúm đồng tiền từ những đứa trẻ khác


As for this method, mothers can pinch the cheek from another baby, then rub into the pregnant belly. If you are pregnant with a girl, rub it 9 times, or rub it 7 times for a boy. Additionally, the pregnant mother may ask for the dimness of a small girl, for example: "Please give me your dimples." If the child agrees, the baby will have dimpled cheeks like that. Following this way, you can do publicly without having to hide or hide.


Look at the photos of dimpled babies. 


Xem hình những em bé dễ thương cũng là một cách hiệu quả

Looking at the photos of dimpled babies is an effective way. 


Looking at the photos of dimpled babies is a funny method that mothers can use widely. Seeing the photos of cute babies and imaging the face of your baby is a, interesting thing, isn’t it?P