Mulberry tea helps to nourish the body, nourish the blood, sleep well, improve the beauty. Making mulberry wine is also very simple, let’s Kentary  go to the kitchen to make delicious mulberry wine for the party:


Mulberry: 5kg

Sugar: 1kg

White wine 40 degrees: 1l

II. Instructions:

Clean mulberry with water, cut the peduncle
  • Clean mulberry with water, cut the peduncle. Clean 2 – 3 times. In the last time cleaning, clean them with salt water. After that, let them drain.
  • While waiting for mulberry drain, you should boil a hot water pot. When the water degree comes to 80, pour them to mulberry. This method  helps the mulberry when soaked long time no mold or floating in the jar.
  • Put in a jar of 1 strawberry, 1 layer of sugar as when making other drinks. The top layer is a layer of sugar.
  • After soaking for about 15 days, at this point you should open the strawberry jar to test. Using a clean weight, drown the top strawberry in the jar.
  • After 30 days, you should open the jar and take the first water then pour them into another jar. After that, close the jar and store them in the refrigerator.
  • You can mix mulberry extract with ice to drink. With the mulberry grains, you pour white wine into it. After that, cover the jar in 1 month. In this time, mulberry grains will be completely smashed, use a towel to take more mulberry wine.

Benefits of mulberry wine

It will make your blood better, and circulate blood.

Back pain treatment

Good for your beauty

insomnia treatment

Help to eat deliciously

Mulberry wine can make soft drink

You can use mulberry wine with some ice to make a fresh soft drink in your parties. Mulberry is a natural gift, should be eaten everytime. Because this fruit contains many good vitamins also benefits for woman.

Wish you have a strong & beautifull body.!

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