15.01.2020 09:16

1.Make cabbage lotion for skin care to treat bruises caused by insect bites:

You use the cabbage in the blender puree, then use that solution to apply bruises daily, about 1 week You will see the bruise reduced to 70%.

You can grind it much and put it in the refrigerator to use it gradually .

If you are worried about many cabbage pesticides. You can see how: Remove pesticides and chemicals

2. Make cabbage lotion for the skin to help smooth and elastic skin:

a. With dry skin:

+ Preparation:

- 100g of cabbage

- 50ml of fresh milk

+ How to do: You puree the cabbage, then add fresh milk without sugar and cook it until it is as thick as a thick porridge, wait for the warm sound, then cover it on the face about 10 minutes. Then rinse with warm water .

You can also add coconut oil, olive oil to softer skin .


b. With oily skin .

+ Prepare

-100g of cabbage

- 1 egg white

+ How to do: Cabbage you squeeze water then mix with egg white . Use a paper mask to absorb the water and apply it on the face 10p. Then rinse with warm water.  

Application of beauty from cabbage

Choose the right lotion to help you have the perfect skin - collected image

Skin lotion from cabbage not only helps skin smooth white but also increase skin elasticity .

You can apply 1 week / 2 times .

Cabbage is often sprayed deeply so you should be careful in handling. Soak cabbage leaves with salt and vinegar then rinse with warm water of 50 degrees C to eliminate all the chemicals in it .