Get a Smaller Waist After Pregnancy With Turmeric Starch

15.01.2020 09:16

One of the biggest changes to mom’s body after pregnancy is often the belly. It is suddenly soft and pouty and nowhere near flat. It is easy to understand why this happens, but less easy to accept it! To once again have something even reminding of a waist after pregnancy is one thing many new moms long for – but doing crunches; not so much . Here are some useful tips to get your waiste back with turmeric starch.

Drinking turmeric starch to get that flat belly back

After the birth, mix an amount of 10g turmeric starch with fresh milk, honey and 100ml of water, stir it well and drink. 2 times per day before or after meals about 15 minutes. (ignoring honey if your body is hot)


Drinking turmeric starch helps you get flat stomach and brings benefits for your health

Drinking grean tea with turmeric starch and lemon

After giving birth, women who want smooth face skin and flat stomach ca drink 1-2 cups of green tea, lemon and turmeric starch (can add little sugar) everyday. Drinking consistently during 1-2 months, women can get flat stomach back and get beautiful face. Here is the way: take 200-300ml juice from lemon and mix with a cup of cool green tea. Add 3-5 teaspoons of turmeric starch. Then drink it daily.

Use turmeric ginger wine in reducing belly fat after giving birth

Use a clean towel and dip it into ginger turmeric wine. Then apply it all over your body (you can wear old clothes to avoid causing dirt from turmeric). You should spread newspaper around the area to apply turmeric ginger wine.


When applying turmeric wine, gently massage your body

Use your hands to massage belly, thighs and body for about 15 minutes so that turmeric wine can be absorb deeply into your skin. This method helps burn excess fat. You should note that this wine can’t be drinked.

Applying coconut oil and turmeric starch

Before giving birth

Coconut oil has the effect of softening your skin, preventing collagen and elastin fibers from fracturing due to fat belly. While turmeric starch help your skin white, smooth and bright. So this method will prevent stretch marks. Moms should use this tip during pregnancy to minimize stretch marks.

After giving birth:

After giving birth, mothers should continue to apply coconut oil and turmeric on their skin every 20 minutes a day to get a smooth and flat stomach. In addition to increasing the linkage between cells, increasing the ability to protect the skin, helping the skin to recover quickly, coconut oil also protects against bacteria and external influences, makes your skin brighter and younger.

Mix 3-5 teaspoon of turmeric starch with coconut oil until it creates a smooth paste. Then apply this mixture on your belly and leave it on about 10-15 minutes per day.


Coconut oil and turmeric starch can prevent stretch marks and get your flat stomach back.

Like other skin care method, if you want to get your flat stomach back after giving birth, you must apply this method persistently for a long time and doing exercise regularly.

Wish you have a slim waist as you wish!