Your skin looks younger with this mask

15.01.2020 09:16

At the beginning of 25, signs of aging skin began to appear. There are many skin care products and supplements on the market that help tighten and moisturize your skin. However, it’s better to drinking turmeric starch with natural ingredients, you will have better young skin.



·        The first and most obvious signs: dry, rough, wrinkles, sagging skin, skin color becomes yellow, no longer pink as before.

·        The skin is less elastic, wrinkled, less able to hold water and no longer has the same tension.


Aging skin will appear more winkles at early age.


·        Evidence is that every time you smile, wrinkles around your eyes become more and deeper. Wrinkles on the forehead are also clearer. Compared to women at the same age, I look much older than them and I am very sad about that.

·        Besides age and physical condition, signs of aging skin are also affected by external environmental factors: sunlight, smoke, skin not properly cared for, diet and so on

Your skin looks younger with this mask 

Turmeric starch and lemon is one of the most anti-aging skin methods. Lemon is very good for health and beauty, especially with anti-aging effects for women skin. In addition, turmeric mixed with lemon juice also increases immunity, reduces stress and helps remove toxins out of your body.




2 teaspoon of turmeric starch

200 ml of warm water

1 tablespoon of honey

A half of lemon.


lan-da-tre-dep-hon-nho-uong-tinh-bot-nghe-theo-cong-thuc-nay 1

Your aging skin will be improved with this turmeric drinking.




Squeeze lemon into a cup and then add warm water and turmeric starch, mix well and add a little honey. Stir well and enjoy this wonderful drink.


A glass of turmeric help your skin more beautiful


You should use turmeric starch both inside and outside. In addition to drinking turmeric and lemon starch, turmeric face mask will help you have younger skin, better anti-aging effect.


In addition to using turmeric starch to improve anti-aging skin, you need to pay attention:


·        Avoid the sun: Many studies have shown that 90% of the causes of skin aging are the sun. Therefore, it’s necessary to protect your skin by some items such as hats, masks, sunscreen, etc. Not only will it slow down the aging process but also prevent the risk of skin cancer.

·        Avoid using alcohol band beer.

·        Provide enough nutrients for your body.

·        A reasonable diet plays an extremely important role in women's health and skin. You should use more green vegetables, fruit, vitamin supplements, reduce protein, reduce fat. It  will be a premise to help your skin smooth and slow down the aging process.


lan-da-tre-dep-hon-nho-uong-tinh-bot-nghe-theo-cong-thuc-nay 5

Your skin will be improved with turmeric starch


Your skin is younger and more beautiful thanks to turmeric starch, 40 year-old women will have beautiful young skin like girls in 20 year olds.


Wish you success!