Get beautiful skin with cassava flour and egg face mask

15.01.2020 09:16

Make your skin brighter and smoother with cassava and egg face mask


3 tablespoon cassava floor (it’s better to choose Kentary cassava flour with high-quality products).

1 egg


Description: lan-da-trang-sang-ngay-sau-khi-su-dung-mat-na-bot-san-day-trung-ga

You can use either egg yolk or egg white

  • Mix egg whites and cassava four in a bowl until it’s smooth.
  • Make sure your face cleaned before applying. You can expand pores with warm water.
  • Apply this mixture on your face and massage gently for 5 minutes, especially the area with freckles and melasma.
  • Keep the mixture on the face for about 20 minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water. You can use a soft towel to dry your face or let it dry naturally.

This method should be applied 2-3 times per week. Freckles on your face will be faded and make your skin brighter, smoother as a young girl.

Description: lan-da-trang-sang-ngay-sau-khi-su-dung-mat-na-bot-san-day-trung-ga

Cassava flour makes your skin smoother, brighter and removes freckles.

Cassava flour

The cassava flour contains isoflavones, lipids, amino acids, which help to prevent oxidation. In particular, isoflavones act in the same way as the estrogen hormone in women, which helps remove pigmentation, freckles and dark spots.


With a rich source of vitamin A, B, D, E and minerals, eggs are effective in synthesizing collagen to increase skin elasticity, minimizing wrinkles, tightening pores and treating acne.

If you have dry skin, use egg yolks instead of egg whites.

Description: lan-da-trang-sang-ngay-sau-khi-su-dung-mat-na-bot-san-day-trung-ga

Eggs contain many vitamins and minerals that increase elasticity of the skin.