10 most expensive fruits in the world

15.01.2020 09:16

1. Buddha pear

Khám phá 10 loại trái cây đắt nhất thế giới 1

Chinese farmers have intended to grow pears in the form of small Buddhas. They put the pear into the plastic mold. When they are ripe, the pear has a small sculpture. It does not make you immortal, but each pear shaped Buddha has a price tag of 9 euros (about 230.000vnd)

2. Japan square watermelon

Khám phá 10 loại trái cây đắt nhất thế giới 2

The Japanese have made square shaped watermelon up to 6 kg in size for two reasons: easier stacking during transport and preservation in a neatly organized refrigerator. To do this, the growers put the watermelon at a young age into a square glass jar. This kind of watermelon care is very difficult, and when we did get the desired shape, they will not be ripe anymore. The normal price is $5, but these special melons cost $800 (about 18.000.000 vnd)

3. Sekai Ichi apple

Khám phá 10 loại trái cây đắt nhất thế giới 3

In Japanese, Sekai Ichi means "number one in the world". You can assume that they are talking loud. But the Japanese have shown people why this is the best apple. This apple is soft, sweet in a surprising way. It can weigh 0.9 kg and the circumference is about 38 cm. Partially making Sekai Ichi expensive because of thorough polishing, thoroughly washed with honey. Price: 21$/one (about 477.000vnd)

4. Sembikiya queen strawberry

Khám phá 10 loại trái cây đắt nhất thế giới 4

These strawberries look perfect, with a succulent red color and a green leaf on their heads. This is a great creation of Japanese people. These strawberries are almost uniformly homogenous. It will be a big challenge to find just a little difference in the color and size of the fruits. Price: 220.00vnd/one

5. Gokusen banana

Khám phá 10 loại trái cây đắt nhất thế giới 5

Each banana is packed in a separate box and has its own serial number. Gokusen banana is grown in an area of ecological standard in the Philippines at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level. They are made from 100 different species to qualify with three criterions, sweeter, aromatic and refined than the banana. This banana weighs about 200 grams and is sold in very limited quantities.

Price: 6 euro/one (about 150.000vnd)

6. Lost Gardens of Heligan pineapple in Cornwall, EnglandKhám phá 10 loại trái cây đắt nhất thế giới 6


The pineapple is grown at the Lost Gardens of Heligan plant research center in Cornwall, England. England is also known as the first country in the world to make this valuable pineapple. It is expensive because it is applied to Victoria gardening techniques. Where the temperature is controlled in a small glasshouse.

Price: 1600$/one (about 36.000.000vnd)

7. Taiyo No Tamago mango – Japan

Khám phá 10 loại trái cây đắt nhất thế giới 7

It is called "Eggs of the Sun". They are talking about its shape, not their flavor is like eggs. These mangoes can only be found from May to July. Each tree has only one fruit in order to distribute nutrients for it. Each fruit contains of 15% sugar (less than other types of mango) with a weight of about 350g. Do not be surprised when the price of this fruit is very expensive.

Price: 3000$/couple (about 68.000.000vnd)

8. Ruby Roman grape

Khám phá 10 loại trái cây đắt nhất thế giới 8

These are the most expensive grapes in the world. Each grape is the size of a ping-pong ball. They have extremely sweet taste.

Price: 4000$/cluster (about 91.000.000vnd) or 300$/one (about 7.000.000vnd)

9. Densuke black watermelon

Khám phá 10 loại trái cây đắt nhất thế giới 9

This watermelon has a "special sweetness", which is grown only on the Japanese island of Hokkaido. This melon has dark, almost black color, no scratches or stains. Therefore, it is called black melon. Densuke is sold in special boxes highlighting its color. The Japanese see this watermelon as a rare and precious gift.

Price: 250 euro/one (over 6.500.000vnd)

10 Yubari cantaloupe

Khám phá 10 loại trái cây đắt nhất thế giới 10

The most expensive representative also comes from the land of the rising sun. "Yubari King", which is grown in a glass house on Japan's Hokkaido island, has a special "hat". It is a sweet cantaloupe, perfect with a vein like marble.

Price: 300euro/one (over 7.800.000vnd)