03.04.2020 13:18


After giving birth, about 90% of women fall into the state of broken & tangle hair. So how to have a healthy hair? Read the following article to find a solution to overcome effectively broke hair. After about 3 months of birth, my hair started to fall out a lot. Every day looked the hair loss to make me feel very guts for thick black hair before.


Women have to face with the change of hormone after birth. Besides, they need to wake up when the baby is crying, so I can’t have a uninterrupted sleep. As a result, my hair is falling more and more. I tried to use hair loss preventing shampoo for a month and that not repair damaged hair. 

khắc phục tóc gãy rụng sau sinh hiệu quả

At that night, I read the article interviewed Minh Ha, wife of singer Ly Hai, she shared the secret to overcome hair loss after birth. I applied it without expecting it to work really fast.


Method 1: Wash hair with water from pomelo peel


Pomelo peel and aloe vera are hair loss medications; effectively overcom hair loss after birth. The method is natural and safe for breastfeeding mothers; also does not cost. Firstly, you buy pomelo peel, then wash and slice into small pieces.

khắc phục tóc gãy rụng sau sinh hiệu quả

Secondly, boil hot water and pomelo for 15 minutes. Pour this solution into basin, then wait for cool and use as shampoo.

khắc phục tóc gãy rụng sau sinh hiệu quả


Method 2: Reprocess remedy to overcome effectively alopecia after birth from aloe vera


With aloe vera leaves, mothers can make homemade herbal remedies to help prevent hair loss.

Take about 1 teaspoon of aloe vera leaf, then add a little juice of the fennel leaves. Use this mixture to apply to area of hair loss every day, should do within 3 - 4 months.

khắc phục tóc gãy rụng sau sinh hiệu quả


In addition, mothers can drink aloe vera juice; to enhance the resistance to hair, support anti-hair loss, effectively overcome hair loss after birth.

khắc phục tóc gãy rụng sau sinh hiệu quả

I used the method within a month and my alopecia is improved obviously. Now just a few hair falls everyday as usual. The hair grows thicker and smoother. I am so happy, and then my husband pay me a compliment, sometimes after I wash my hair, he just come near and then hit the nose to feel the good smell of pomelo peel.