From the enriched culture of Vietnam’s farmers, Kentary was born with love and passion by a talented scientist with pioneer mindset in creating healthy practical meals & snack from the masterpieces of Mother Earth. 

Developed from 2011, Kentary is the leading genuine brand in authentic dried fruits besides many special ranges of practical daily healthcare products which nourish human well-being.

Kentary Inspiration 3

Back to the day when Hoang Van was put on her missionary life path as a guardian of Farmers, at first, being a guardian of her beloved ones from her mother land where she was born and grew up in nature, with full of love from a farming family…. Wanted to find the solution for better deal in selling agriculture products, wanted the buyers to respect the force of human labour in the poor rural which is totally hard to imagine how they grow the plants with all their heart…. Hoàng Vân as a little girl who just dreamt to do something helpful for those passionate farmers, decided to learn fast, go fast, take action fast, then lead her own journey, started from becoming a brilliant student in university of Science.

During her studies, already she became the key opinion leader at early stage in the university and led many social activities to develop her small community in schooltime, then led charity group named Nốt Lặng to help needy people by destiny along her own journey to make her homeland a better place, a richer world.

Stemming from respect for the heritage and ancient knowledge of Vietnam in bringing balance to human life, especially the source of folk knowledge from thousands of generations.

One day, Hoang Van’s family was surprised. when a Japanese trader in the agricultural industry went to Van’s farm in the far back of the sunny Central region just to ask to buy kudzu starch from her family’s farm. It is surprising that an international trader who has the same vision of natural agriculture as Van’s family, has the same desire to turn global agriculture back to the power of Mother Nature.


But with devotion, small thing grows big, dream comes clearer, mission turns to real life values and ONE DAY, a little girl with brave heart became a fierce lady with sharp vision and dared to take risk to invest all she had into her lifetime project Kentary – The Guardian of Farmers, brought all the good things she wishes, to enrich human life, to develop community, to share her valuable research on healthy meals to the world.

And here the story goes….You can find a mini Ready to Enjoy grocery, right here and right now.


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