Many people have wondered whether colloidal silver is effective against strep throat? Keep reading this article to find out the answer.

One winter, when our son Ron was 16, he came home from high school with a violently red, swollen and extremely sore throat. 

When we examined the inside of his throat, we could see what looked like small white cotton balls growing out of the sides of his throat. Upon closer examination it turned out they were oozing white pus.


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I’d never seen anything like it. So we took him to the local Urgent Care right away.

The doctor took a throat culture and diagnosed it as strep throat. He gave Ron a prescription for a strong penicillin derivative, and emphasized how important it was to take the entire prescription.

Is colloidal silver effective against strep throat?

But when we got home, we simply get 10 ppm colloidal silver and had Ron drink six ounces of it in divided doses (two ounces every couple of hours).

The next day, we had him start gargling with colloidal silver, using one ounce of the 10 ppm solution every couple of hours.

We showed him how to keep the colloidal silver at the back of his throat where the pus pockets were for as long as possible, by tilting his head back as he gargled, and periodically stopping to breathe through his nose before resuming gargling.

By the end of the day, the pus pockets were nearly gone, and the redness and inflammation was in full retreat.

By the third day he was fine. There was no sign whatsoever left of the strep throat. We never did have to give him the antibiotics.

No Big Surprise

Of course, it was no big surprise to us that colloidal silver took care of Ron’s strep throat handily.

After all, in the past we had used colloidal silver effectively against earaches, styes, Pink Eye, infected cuts, burns, food poisoning, colds, flu, upper respiratory infections, and even spider bites.

And we knew that the medical literature also demonstrated colloidal silver to be extremely effective against strep pathogens in laboratory tests.


For example, according to a May 13, 1999 report signed by Brigham Young University microbiologist David A. Revelli and BYU Professor of Microbiology/Molecular Biology Dr. Ron W. Leavitt, Ph.D….

…a colloidal silver solution was able to kill five different strains of the Streptococcus pathogen, at surprisingly low concentrations.

Here’s a brief synopsis of what the researchers discovered:

Streptococcus pyogenes – causes strep throat, skin infections, upper respiratory infections, impetigo, hospital-acquired infections, Scarlet Fever and more. Inhibited and killed @ 1.25 ppm.

Streptococcus pneumoniae – causes pneumonia, meningitis, sinusitis, otitis media (ear infection). Inhibited @ 2.5 ppm and killed @ 5 ppm.

Streptococcus faecalis – causes urinary tract infections, endocarditis and wound infections. Inhibited @ 2.5 ppm and killed @ 5 ppm.

Streptococcus mutans – a major cause of dental plaque and tooth decay. Inhibited and killed @ 5 ppm.

Streptococcus gordonii – causes tooth decay, and implicated in infective endocarditis (infection of the heart valves). Inhibited and killed @ 5 ppm.

As you can see, in laboratory testing, extremely low concentrations of colloidal silver ranging between 1.25 ppm and 5 ppm were able to kill the strep pathogens tested.

Works Against Drug-Resistant Strep, Too!

What’s more, in a clinical study titled “Bactericidal Effect of Silver Nanoparticles Against Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria,” published in the World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology in 2010…

… it was found that silver was effective against evendrug-resistant strains of the strep throat pathogen, Streptococcus pyogenes, as well as drug-resistant strains of several other pathogens.

The study authors stated:

“In our study, silver nanoparticles exerted a bactericidal effect against the six bacterial strains…

…there was no significant difference between the bactericidal effects of silver nanoparticles on drug-resistant and non-drug-resistant microorganisms.

…the same nanosilver concentration inhibited 99.7% of erythromycin-resistant Streptococcus pyogenes, 95.7% of ampicillin-resistant E. coli O157:H7 and 92.8% of multidrug-resistant P. aeruginosa.”

The researchers further concluded that silver nanoparticles exhibited bactericidal effect rather than merely bacteriostatic effect.

This is important news, because it means the use of antimicrobial silver is so effective against drug-resistant strains of Streptococcus pyogenes, it outright kills them rather than merely inhibiting their growth!

Doctor Recommended!


Colloidal silver just might be the next germ-fighting wonder drug – google image 

As Dr. Jonathan Wright, M.D., a graduate of Harvard, as well as the University of Michigan Medical School, and who now runs the famous Tahoma Clinic in Washington has stated:

“Colloidal silver just might be the next germ-fighting wonder drug. And not just for the serious threats making headlines:

It’s also effective against bacterial infections like strep throat, viruses like the flu, and fungal infections like Candida.

No matter how much a germ mutates, it can’t change enough to escape the damaging effects of colloidal silver.

And in the process, the silver doesn’t harm human tissue or kill off the good bacteria in the intestine the way antibiotics and other medications do…”

— Dr. Jonathan Wright, MD, Tahoma Clinic, WA

Interestingly, colloidal silver’s ability to decimate strep pathogens has been known for over 100 years, as noted in the 1910 book, Use of Colloids in Health and Disease, by Alfred B Searle:

“Silver in the colloidal state is highly germicidal, quite harmless to humans and absolutely non-toxic…

…In the lab, all virus, fungus, bacterium, streptococcus, staphylococcus, and other pathogenic organisms are killed in three or four minutes upon contact.”

Real-Life Testimonials

Here’s a recent first-hand story from a grateful elementary school teacher who used colloidal silver to eliminate a nasty strep infection before it could get worse:

“I’m an elementary school secretary and right now strep throat is rampant there.

Several days ago, I knew I was coming down with it, red sore throat with blisters, swollen glands.

I had some 30 ppm colloidal silver from the health food store, put two dropper fulls in a bit of water, swished, gargled and swallowed it. The next day, my throat was almost completely better!

I’m still doing colloidal silver 3x a day for a week to be sure the pathogen is gone.”

— Dianne M.


And here’s a recent testimonial from a grateful mother who used colloidal silver to cure her children of strep throat:

“Three of my little ones got healed from strep thanks to colloidal silver. They’re ages three years old, and above.

I gave them four eye-droppers full of colloidal silver, five or six times a day.

They gargled with it, then swallowed. Their gargling was pretty fast, since they’re so small. But it still worked!

The infection went away quickly. With colloidal silver we always get healed in less than five days. Colloidal silver has been our ONLY antibiotic for the last 4 years.”

— N.L., Scottsdale, AZ

Many others have also attest to the powerful strep-fighting qualities of colloidal silver. For example:

“The micro-particle colloidal silver works almost instantly on strep throat…We’ve had almost universal instant problem solving with it.

My granddaughter who was with us in church tonight had the swine flu 3 weeks ago, and it was tested and verified at the Drs.

She had a 103 fever, and the Dr gave her a prescription for antibiotics on Friday that they couldn’t get filled until Monday when the pharmacy opened.


Friday night, her temp spiked again at about 2:30 a.m. Her RN mom was at work, and I personally checked her temp.

It didn’t seem right to wait, so I gave her a 1 oz shot glass of fresh micro-particle colloidal silver and a dose of Tylenol. Her fever was gone at 2:45 a.m. and she slept well.

When she was checked again at 6:30 a.m. when her mom got off work, her fever was gone, her sore throat and cough were gone, all lung congestion gone…never came back.

…This is the 12 year old who traditionally went right into strep throat and pneumonia every year in flu season.

She got the prescription filled Monday, but didn’t take it, she was totally cured thanks to the micro-particle colloidal silver!!

— Kathy W., KS

Here’s another interesting testimonial about a dramatic healing from strep, thanks to colloidal silver:

“At the time I first discovered colloidal silver, I was plagued with frequent bouts of strep throat.

Having had rheumatic fever as a child, I knew that I must take any flare-up of strep throat very seriously so that I didn’t risk a re-occurrence of rheumatic fever.

It seemed that I was constantly on penicillin and still wasn’t able to control the strep throat. I ended up in the hospital three times over the years.

Very quickly, after discovering colloidal silver, I learned how to make it myself so that I could always have an available supply.

Since that time, 14 years ago, I have never had a re-occurrence of strep throat.

In fact, I have not, in all that time, been to a doctor for any sort of infectious condition. Colloidal silver had transformed my health and wellness paradigm.”

— David (GLN)

According to a blogger who goes by the name Cursive L, colloidal silver worked remarkably well for her bout with strep throat. She writes:

“A month ago I came down with strep throat in the middle of summer. Inflamed tonsils and white spots, ugh!

I can’t remember the last time I had strep, so I was a little unsure of what to do. I read online that strep is a bacterial infection and needs to be treated, otherwise it will only get worse.

Instead of turning to a medical doctor, who I knew would prescribe me a nasty antibiotic (Penicillian), I asked mychiropractor what to do. He suggested colloidal silver.


Colloidal Nano Silver 10ppm

You spray it four times a day on the back of your throat, 30 sprays each time, hold the liquid under your tongue, and then swallow it down.

The very next day I already felt 75% better. By day two, I was at 100%. This stuff worked wonders!

…My sister had strep a month before I did and took Penicillian as prescribed by her doctor.

The strep throat returned three more times before it finally went away.

I took Colloidal Silver and I was cured in two days. Now my body is stronger and knows how to fight off that particular bacteria.”

There are many, many people who swear by colloidal silver, and testify to its profound effectiveness against strep throat. But I’ll end with this short personal account by Mike Adams, of

Mike recommends using a nebulizer so the colloidal silver can be inhaled, when dealing with a strep throat infection.

While there is some controversy over nebulizing colloidal, many people have found it to be both safe and effective for short-term use against sinus, throat and upper respiratory infections.

Here’s what Mike Adams wrote:

“I have personally inhaled colloidal silver during a strep throat infection episode, in an effort to eliminate the infection.

I can’t say whether it really worked or not, because one person is not a clinical trial, but I can say that I felt it was perfectly safe for me to do.

And the strep throat infection was gone within 24 hours, in my case.”

I’d say that pretty much constituted a successful use of colloidal silver for strep throat. And it’s good to know that nebulizing colloidal silver seems to work for it as well as gargling and oral ingestion.

Of course, I agree with Mike Adams. Testimonials must be considered strictly as personal anecdotal accounts, and not proof of effectiveness.

But clearly a LOT of people are tickled pink about the way they’ve been able to eliminate strep throat infections naturally, with colloidal silver.


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