Today Kentary happened to catch the secret of increasing the size of cassava breasts from a mother’s folk experience passed on to her daughter, since the composition of cassava is rich in protein and lexithin has a stimulating effect. producing estrogen – the female hormone, thus helping women’s double mountain to be full and firm.

You are still inferior because of your flat screen, let’s see and learn and tell Kentary the results!

Here is the girlfriend’s medicine to increase breast size:

1. Drink cassava flour after “red light”:

Old women said that drinking cassava just helps to regulate the body after the monthly period while stimulating the breast to develop naturally, helping the chest mold to expand. She passed on this experience to me to help the “double mountain” grow.

It’s simple, every month after my menstrual period I mix cassava with warm water to add a little sugar and drink. Take 2 times morning and night in the first day after menstruation, and once a day for the following days.

Not only has the effect of stimulating the double mountain to develop, the water is cool, it will cool the body, balancing the female hormones so it helps the skin to be pinky, reduce acne right from the inside of the body – that’s new is the most beautiful, safe and effective way of beauty.


Increasing breast size with cassava flour is the secret from ancestors – Kentary’s picture. 

I have persisted in using breast augmentation using cord for many months, and the fact that my first round has improved markedly, my skin is smoother and brighter.

2. Eating cassava with potato sweet soup:

cassava with potato sweet soup help beautiful chest skin

Mother told me that the old tools used to combine kuzu with other ingredients to change their taste, and integrate nutrients from natural ingredients that sweet potatoes were the first priority.

Sweet potatoes contain many vitamins A, B, C, E, protein, starch, plastic, amino acids and more than 10 types of trace elements necessary for body health such as calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium … When cassava flour combined with sweet potato will become a nutritious dish, not only good for “peach mound” but also good for digestion, beautiful skin, bright eyes.

3. Daily chest massage


Old Vietnamese women know how to use cassava to process into different dishes to stimulate the double mountain to grow, this day we can combine the old experience and the knowledge of today is the breast massage to to bring faster performance.

My mother also showed me the methods that my mother had successfully applied, the daily routine of massaging my chest.

Mom told her to use the shower to cool her breasts while bathing. I held up the shower, letting the water splashes gently into my chest and rubbed my chest around my chest with my hand.

My breasts were nicer after a period of persistent application of methods to increase the size of my mother’s cassava breasts

I have become more confident with my first round, thank you for helping me successfully breast augmentation with cordless breast augmentation, safe and cost-effective. What are you waiting for without applying this method immediately to own the perfect double mountain?


cassava not only helps balance female hormones but is also good for digestion – Kentary’s picture

cassava not only helps balance female hormones but is also good for digestion, constipation, cooling, alcohol detoxification and treatment of food poisoning. Each day 1 cup of cassava will help you preserve beauty, fight against signs of aging of the digestive organs especially the intestines, one of the fastest aging parts of the body.

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