How to make cake from cassava flour

15.01.2020 09:16

Weekend free, have a lot of time, you should make cake from cassava for family to enjoy, everyone must like it! The cassava tapes not only help your body dissipate heat but also help improve mood, dispel fatigue, detoxify the body.

Cassava is a cool food, used in the summer very well, has a heat dissipation effect, anti-constipation, heat-resistant mouth, so good for both children and adults. Today, Kentary would like to share with you How to make cake from cassava flour, that is great food, soft and greasy, aromatic flavor of coconut milk.




Cassava flour: 100g

Rice flour: 100g

Flour: 100g

Coconut milk: 1 small bowl

Sugar: 200g

Pandan juice: 100ml

Strawberry juice: 100ml



If you want your cake varied in color and flavor, you can:


If you do green, 300ml of coconut milk, 100 ml of pandan juice

If you do pink, 320ml of coconut milk, 100ml strawberry juice



How to make:


Step 1: Pour coconut milk and sugar into pot, lay on stove to cook with low heat until sugar melt.


Step 2: Mix well combined all kind of flour

Step 3: Then pour 1/3 cooked coconut milk into flour mixture, wear glove squeeze cassava powder to smooth (must be well smooth).

Step 4: Then pour remaining coconut milk to dissolve, add a pinch of salt.



Step 5: Allow the mold to stand for about 2 minutes for the hot mold, then pour a layer of mixture into mold, not thick dough and steam for about 5-6 minutes. When the first layer dough is ripe you pour another layer of powder to steam continuely.


Keep going until complete the mixture of dough.


Wish you all the delicious and successful with this cassava flour cake!