In any type of grain that contains a certain amount of poison to protect the seeds within the seed itself, we need to learn how to safely remove the poison for the seeds, then the body will have it. Can fully absorb nutrients from seeds.

The way to remove toxins for very simple nuts is to use water. Mother Nature always perfectly arranged so that we can use all the materials available in life to serve ourselves. Let’s join Kentary to find out how to remove poison in water from seeds!

I. Learn essential nutrients and poisons from nuts:

Most of our energy comes from nuts, especially from cereals; beans provide protein; nuts and almonds provide a variety of fats ..

In addition we have drinks, spices, food additives, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals all made from nuts.

In one seed, the embryo for germination and meat [endosperm] is not the same for amino acid composition and physical properties.

While some seeds can be eaten by humans, others have toxicity and some can be fatal.

Many types of beans, such as chickpeas, contain high levels of lectin protein that can cause stomach pain if not processed properly. Soy with trypsin inhibitors will cause digestive disorders. Soya beans containing phytohaemagglutinin can cause severe vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

A group of seeds containing amygdalin such as apricot seeds, bitter almonds, peaches, plums, cherries … eating to a certain amount can cause poisoning.

There are 2 types of almond: sweet, bitter, oriental bitter almonds for medicine are almonds, 30 times more toxic sweet almonds, adults eat 40-60 seeds, children eat 10- 20 seeds are able to paralyze respiratory death.

As far as I know, bitter almonds have been banned in the United States using only pure extract, as well as sweet almonds are not allowed to eat much and must be soaked with salt water.

Cashews that you buy in a supermarket are steamed to remove urushiol, a high concentration of urushiol that can be fatal. Nutmeg is a famous spice but at 28g can cause seizures.

Types of cereals, beans, and nuts contain substances that are a natural defense mechanism of plants, contributing to protecting the dormant state.

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II. How to remove poison from nuts by water:

In nature, water, rain, snow melt will help eliminate these inhibitors to germinate seeds.

Because these chemicals resist digestion, they must be soaked in certain time to neutralize those chemicals, the new digestion is easy to absorb the vitamins and nutrients in the grain and No poisoning.

The human has thousands of years of experience, an example is the tradition of wrapping Vietnamese banh chung, green beans, coffee, soaking, treating shells, and then wrapping bread. Glutinous grains are also carefully stroked. Glutinous rice is brewed with yeast. Soybeans are fermented into soy sauce to remove anti-nutrient substances.

The soaking of the seeds is absolutely not to be missed, you wash the dirt with a solution of washing vegetables or mixing apple cider vinegar, then soaking the seeds in hot water, adding a little salt. Water soaked in seeds should be replaced and not used for cooking because they have dissolved the toxins.

The average immersion time varies depending on the type of grain, depending on the temperature. Some seeds are more nutritious when germinating.

III. Soaking time of some common nuts:

SeedsSoaking time (hours)Germination time (days)
Almond8 – 123
Red beans8 – 124
Black beans8 – 123
Brazilian chestnuts3 Not sprouting
Cashew 2-42-4Not sprouting
Green bean82-3
Linseed1/2Not sprouting
Hazelnuts8-12Not sprouting
Macadamia nuts0Not sprouting
Cereals, oats62 – 3
Pumpkin seeds83
Sunflower seed8-121/2 – 1
Walnuts4Not sprouting
Brown rice12 – 242- 3
Rice9 3-5
Corn kernels (corn)122-3

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