02.04.2020 16:33



Although the Moon cake was born in Hong Kong, official and related agencies had to speak up. They officially warn the consumers off the Moon cakes. In Vietnam, we have ever heard about this issue. From the range of bakeries to luxury restaurants, they buy this cake. Moon cakes are shown all shelves, all roads with a large amount of sugar and oil.

Food Safety Center in Hong Kong reminds citizens to keep their balance diet and avoid eating many moon cakes. 


The Government’s tests show that for every 100 grams of traditional moon cake with two egg yolks, 1/3 of the cake is sugar.


The average calories of a cake is 776 (this figure is equal to an adult’s meal).


Despite the wakefulness, a consumer named Elaine said that they would never change their habits.” It’s still a symbol of Mid-Autumn Festival”, Elaine Cheuk said “They will keep eating this cake if they love it” 

“ I usually eat 5 cakes a year – I can cut down to 1 or 2 cakes per year” One eleven boy said.




In the modern society, they not only gather with 1 or 2 moon cakes, but they also give it to others as a traditional ceremony: A box of 4 beautiful and clever Moon cakes.