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Cassava contains several useful ingredients, such as isoflavones, which include daidzein, an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent, an anti-cancer drug daidzin and genistein, an active ingredient that can fight leukemia.

Pure and aromatic cassava flour, used as a cooling, detoxification after drinking alcohol or addiction to cocaine.

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The cassava flour in addition to cooling is also a hormone-enhancing food, which helps you increase the 1st round - photo by Minh Truong

Cassava rooted with the scientific name Pueraria thomsonii Benth, the legume, is grown for tubers for food.

In Science & Vie, Cassava is the only plant that has puéritin that can treat headaches, migraines. In Chinese medicine, cassava is used to treat stiffness, tinnitus.

When you drunk beer, alcohol You can use cassava flour to alcohol antidote and cooled as follows:

I. Material for alcohol antidote and cooled

- 3 spoonfuls of cassava flour

- 100ml boiling water to cool.

- 1/2 lemon.

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II. How to alcohol antidote and cooled

Add 3 tablespoons of cassava to 100ml of cold boiling water, squeeze 1/2 more lemon juice and stir. May be added to make it easier to drink.