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In many ways, we live in a world of almost instant gratification.

Wanna laugh? Turn on the TV and watch a comedy show. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face in minutes. Got a stuffed up nose? Go to the local pharmacy and buy a chemical concoction to spray into your sinuses. The relief can be almost instantaneous (albeit not very healthy for you in other ways).

But one thing that will surely take the wind out of your sails and leave you frustrated and dejected is a persistent or stubborn infection (or underlying infectious condition) that just won’t heal.

If you’re a colloidal silver user, that expectation of instantaneous gratification can lead to giving up too soon. Here are two reasons why you might want to consider doubling down on your efforts with colloidal silver, instead…

When Colloidal Silver Doesn’t Work

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A few weeks ago, I wrote an article titled “When Colloidal Silver Doesn’t Work.”

In that article, I explained some of the most common reasons for colloidal silver not working against an active infection, including the fact that sometimes a pathogen causing an infection might be impervious to colloidal silver. It’s very rare. But it does happen.

Nevertheless, the two main reasons listed in that article for failure of colloidal silver to work were these: Inappropriate dosage and inappropriate delivery method.

If you missed that article, you might want to click the above link and read it. It’s worth the read if you’ve ever wondered why colloidal silver didn’t work for you when you were trying to help your body overcome an active infection naturally.

The necessity of getting the dosage and delivery method right

Over the past few weeks I’ve seen two more examples of the necessity of getting the dosage and delivery method right.

Both of these examples were very positive, and both from experienced colloidal silver users. But they’re great examples of why going the extra mile with colloidal silver is sometimes the most important thing to do when trying to help the body fight a stubborn infectious condition or persistent underlying infection.

For example, one lady wrote the following very short comment:

“Colloidal silver healed my daughter’s plantar wart! She soaked her foot for at least 20 minutes every day. It was a big wart but it killed it all in about a month!”

Some people have written to say that colloidal silver did not work on their plantar warts. But in many cases, I think they just did not display the patience and persistence necessary.

It takes time to kill the underlying viruses, and even more time for the body to start absorbing or otherwise getting rid of the abnormal tissue growth caused by the virus. 

You see, this is important because many people who have written me about failing to heal viral warts with colloidal silver tried two or maybe three applications, and then stopped when they didn’t see immediate healing results.

They’re looking for instant, overnight gratification. And while colloidal silver does indeed work miraculously in many cases, sometimes it just takes a bit more time – particularly when you’re dealing with a very stubborn issue such as an underlying virus (i.e., the dreaded human papillomavirus is what generally causes plantar warts) that trigger stubborn and often painful abnormal skin growth (i.e., the plantar wart).

But the woman’s daughter in the above example apparently knew better than to give up too soon. She soaked her foot in colloidal silver for a full 20 minutes per day, for an entire month. Now that’s truly an example of both patience and persistence. She didn’t give up. She didn’t cut corners. She didn’t expect an overnight miracle. And it worked.

What’s more, because of her patience and tenacity, she avoided the otherwise inevitable need for doctor-mandated surgical removal of this large wart.

Here’s the second example – this one from a woman with a case of antibiotic-resistant Pink Eye:

“A few weeks ago I had a horrible antibiotic resistant pink eye. After 3 days on antibiotics (oral and drops) I was worse and my eyes were almost swollen shut.

I made some colloidal silver, buffered it with some sea salt and baking soda, and put 2 drops in each eye every hour for 12 hours. Went to bed after the last dose. Woke up the next day 50% better.

After another day of dosing every hour and starting oral colloidal silver usage as well, my eyes looked normal. I discontinued the antibiotics and continued the oral colloidal silver and drops 4 times a day for 5 more days and my eyes are fine.”

Now clearly, this was not an ordinary case of Pink Eye. The woman writes that both oral antibiotics and antibiotic eye drops, taken in tandem for three days, had proven to be no match for the infection. In fact, her eyes got worse on the antibiotic drugs, to the point they were nearly swollen shut.

So she began applying colloidal silver (buffered with baking soda and sea salt to help prevent stinging) and within a single 24 hour period experienced a remarkable 50% recovery.

But the key was the persistent use of the colloidal silver. The very first day she put two drops of colloidal silver in each eye every single hour for 12 hours straight.

The next day, she repeated that hourly process, and added oral colloidal silver intake, as well. And once again, colloidal silver accomplished what the doctor’s drugs could not.


Colloidal Nano Silver 7ppm

Yes, it took some patience and tenacity. Most people would have applied colloidal silver once, twice or maybe thrice, and then given up and gone back to the doctor for stronger antibiotic drugs. This lady chose to put her colloidal silver to the test, and won the battle hands-down.

I point out these two specific examples for a very specific reason:

I’ve been interviewing colloidal silver users for nearly 20 years now, for my articles, books, reports, videos and more. And whenever I come across an individual who complains that “colloidal silver didn’t work for me” in most cases I can tell from subsequent questioning that they used the colloidal silver inappropriately.

While it’s true that sometimes colloidal silver just doesn’t work – nothing, not even the doctor’s very best drugs, work 100% of the time – it’s more often true that the individual simply didn’t use colloidal silver in the correct dosage or the correct manner, or gave up too quickly, expecting a single dosage or two to do the trick.


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