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SUGAR FREE SOFT-DRIED PINEAPPLE     Kentary Sugar Free Soft-dried Pineapple – Pure natural food dried from pineapples harvested in Vietnam's western region and applied drying technology with temperature from 35 to 60 degree Celsius to mainta..

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Kentary Sugar Free Soft-dried Pineapple – Pure natural food dried from pineapples harvested in Vietnam's western region and applied drying technology with temperature from 35 to 60 degree Celsius to maintain all healthy nutrients.




- Pineapple is rich in organic acids (including malic acid and citric acid).

- Pineapple is a good source of manganese, Vitamin C and Vitamin B1.

- 100 grams of pineapple contain 25 kcal, 0.03 mg carotene, 0.08 mg vitamin B1, 0.02 mg vitamin B2, 16 mg vitamin C (pineapple). Minerals: 16 mg Ca, 11 mg phosphorus, 0.3 mg Fe, 0.07 mg Cu, 0.4 g protein, 0.2 g lipid, 13.7 g carbohydrate, 85.3 g water, 0.4 g fiber.

- Pineapple contains enzyme bromelain which can break down protein. Thus, pineapple is used to cook many dishes such as fried beef, fried duck meat to make delicious taste.


Pineapple has a large amount of Vitamin C and B – Kentary pic



Reduce blood pressure

Among other vitamins and minerals, pineapples contains a great deal of potassium. Potassium is a strong natural vasodilator, meaning it eases the tension of the blood vessels and promotes proper blood circulation to various parts of the body.

As your blood vessels relax, your blood pressure reduces. So, pineapples can help prevent such conditions as stroke and atherosclerosis.


Keep gums healthy

Because of its high vitamin C content, pineapple helps reduce the risk of gum disease and periodontal disease. Periodontal disease not only destroys tissues and jaw but also causes heart disease, stroke and diabetes.


Prevent cancers

There may be no cure for cancer, but there are ways to prevent it. Pineapple is full of antioxidants, which help you fight free radicals. Free radicals are a group of atoms that are vulnerable to interact with your cell membrane, DNA. Antioxidants block free radicals that damage your body by keeping the cells healthy.


Pineapple provides abundant vitamin C


Improve digestion

You can fix digestion problems by adding some pineapple to your regular diet. Bromelain, dietary fiber, and vitamin C – all present in pineapples – promote better digestion.  Pineapple can help keep digestive tract healthy because it promotes to digest protein faster.


Reduce arthritis

Pineapple has anti-inflammatory properties, so adding pineapple to your diet can reduce arthritis pain, as well as gout and carpal tunnel syndrome. Pineapple can also help improve overall health by keeping strong bones.

One study also suggests that manganese helps preventing osteoporosis in post-menopausal women.


Pineapple has many amazing uses for health


Prevent cough and flu

Pineapple is rich in vitamin C, which help boost your immune system. This fruit also help you avoid having cough and flu. Even if you are sick, it’s advised to eat pineapple because of bromelain that limit mucus and cough.


Reduce the risk of macular degeneration

Macular degeneration is caused by damage to the retina and is a main reason that leads to vision loss in elderly people. By age, macular degeneration makes it difficult to recognize the face, read and see the signal lights as well as other daily activities. If you add pineapple to your daily diet, you can reduce risk by up to 36%. Because pineapple is full of beta carotene which is useful for your vision.


Aid in weight loss

Because of its delicious taste and naturally sweetness, pineapple can be used as a dessert. Pineapple is rich in fiber but low in calories, sodium, cholesterol and saturated fat, which makes pineapple become a perfect choice for weight loss.


Pineapple is one of the fruits having beauty effect – Kentary pic


Reduce nausea

An important benefit from pineapple is preventing nausea or morning sickness. This is quite helpful for pregnant women who often suffer from nausea. Pineapple is also beneficial for people who often get morning sickness on flight and train.





Pineapple is very good for pregnant women - picture from Kentary


Support immune system

Pineapple contains vitamin C that helps strengthen and protect the immune system for pregnant women. In addition, bromelain in pineapple is also effective in fighting common cold symptoms. If you have a cold or sore throat, you can try a piece of pineapple.


Keep bones strong 

Pineapple contains nearly 70% of the manganese needed for the body, which plays an important role in the development of bone and connective tissue.


Prevent constipation:

As a fruit, pineapple contains plenty of fiber to help mothers prevent constipation during pregnancy. In addition, the amount of bromelain in pineapple has the effect of breaking down protein, which helps digestion process faster.


Reduce morning sickness:

In some cases, eating pineapple can help mothers reduce the symptoms of morning sickness.


Sweet sour pineapple helps you reduce nausea and morning sickness – Kentary pic




When you are pregnant, it is likely to hear a lot of advice from grandparents, mothers, relatives, or even strangers. Someone will say that you cannot eat pineapple during pregnancy. This is because pineapple contains bromine. A recommended substance is not used during pregnancy. Because they can break down protein structure and cause abnormal bleeding. In addition, this is also thought to be the cause of contractions and lead to the risk of miscarriage in the first 3 months of pregnancy.


However, claiming eating pineapple causes such consequences is less evidential. No studies have shown that eating pineapple will cause these consequences. The amount of bromelain in pineapple is not large enough to cause negative effect for pregnant women. It just happens when you eat 7 to 10 pineapples per day. That number is obviously too much. Mother won’t eat like that, right?


And it is important to emphasize that this bromelain enzyme has an effect on softening pelvic floor. It makes your labor easier and reduces swelling during pregnancy. Therefore, you should pay attention to the benefits of pineapple.



How to pregnant women eat pineapple properly?


Pineapple is very good for pregnant women but when eating pineapple you need to notice - Kentary pic


For pregnant women in the first trimester, people with atopic dermatitis or stomach diseases, it’s better to avoid eating pineapple.


For some people, eating pineapple can cause allergy such as numbness, difficulty breathing and so on. This is your body's natural reaction to protein in pineapple. One tip for mothers is soaking pineapple in salt water about 30 minutes after peeling. At this time, you will avoid the phenomenon of burning tongue as well as allergy.


Pineapple is a good snack for your health – Kentary pic


INGREDIENTS: 100% ripe pineapple


STORAGE: Store in a cool, dark, dry place. 



Kentary guarantees that:

  No preservatives

  No aroma compound

  No genetically modified (Non GMO)



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