Sugar Free Soft-dried Persimmon Slices


SUGAR FREE SOFT-DRIED PERSIMMON SLICES   Kentary Sugar Free Soft-dried Persimmon Slices - Pure natural food made from persimmons which are rich in nutrients from Dalat (Vietnam) and applied drying technology with low temperature to maintain all..

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Kentary Sugar Free Soft-dried Persimmon Slices - Pure natural food made from persimmons which are rich in nutrients from Dalat (Vietnam) and applied drying technology with low temperature to maintain all healthy nutrients.


Persimmons are sweet and tasty; they have a wealth of health benefits packed inside them. Let us look at the health benefits of persimmons in detail below.



This fruit has many essential nutrients for your body, not only that persimmon is also an ideal treatment for many diseases. With low calories but abundant vitamin A, vitamin C, antioxidants, calcium, copper ... persimmon are the fruit bringing many benefits for your health.


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Aids in Digestion

They are riche in fiber, which is known to regulate bowel movement. Hence they are healthy for the digestive system. Tannins, present in persimmons, regulate the intestinal movement, thus offering relief from diarrhea. This helps in keeping the digestive system healthy.


Strengthens Immunity

Being a good source of Vitamin C, the fruit, when used regularly in your balanced diet, can help in strengthening the immunity levels. Thus, it acts as a shield against common cold, flu, as well as various lung infections, including asthma.


Prevents Heart Diseases

Potassium is another mineral found in significant quantities in persimmons. Potassium can act as a vasodilator and lower blood pressure, thereby increasing blood flow to various parts of the body. Low blood pressure also reduces strain on the cardiovascular system and prevents various heart diseases from occurring.


Persimmon helps boost immune system and keep cardiovascular system healthy – Kentary pic

Keeps Infections At Bay

Persimmon is an amazing source of phytochemicals including polyphenolic antioxidants and catechins. These contribute to the anti-inflammatory property of the fruit, which eventually helps in preventing the attacks of infectious diseases.


Treats anemia

A source of copper in persimmons help your body helps in proper iron absorption  easily and effectively to increase red blood cells, in order to prevent and treat anemia.


Improves Vision

Persimmon contains vitamin A in significant amounts. And, it is an established fact that vitamin A has the potential to improve vision.


Prevents Cancer

Being a rich source of antioxidants, this fruit helps in curtailing the free radicals. These, otherwise, can damage cells and trigger cancer. The presence of vitamin A, as well as shibuol and betulinic acid, enriches the cancer-combating properties of this fruit.


Persimmon is rich in vitamin A that have antioxidant effect - Kentary


Delays Signs of Ageing

Persimmon is a natural anti-ageing skin treatment, which can make the skin look younger and healthy with regular usage. It fights the free radicals in the body; thus delaying the signs of ageing.


Aids Weight Loss

A medium sized fruit weighs around 168 grams and offers just 31 grams of carbohydrates. The fruit has hardly any fat in it. These two factors make it an ideal friend for those who wish to snack on while trying to shed those extra pounds.





Get A Good Digestive System

Persimmon is one of the most fiber rich fruits that can help you to get a remarkable result in the digesting foods. It can keep your bowel system good and effective. Tannins, another beneficial agent, present in the persimmon can help you to get an excellent result in digesting foods and keep the intestinal tract clean. It can give you a good result to recover diarrhea.


Regulates Blood Pressure

Just three to four persimmons per day can help stabilize blood pressure without medication. Therefore, pregnant women with high blood pressure are advised to eat this fruit. Persimmons are highly effective in treating hypertension during pregnancy. Magnesium in the fruit helps lower your blood pressure. Besides, persimmons contain catechins and polyphenols that have strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious effect for pregnant women.

Sugar free soft-dried persimmon is the healthy product for pregnant women – Kentary pic




DIRECTION: Eat directly



INGREDIENT: 100% Da Lat Persimmon




- Don’t eat persimmon when you’re hungry, because it contains tannin (in fruit skin) and pectin (a chemical in fruit). These chemicals with stomach acid will form stones in your stomach, and you must have an surgery to take it out.

- Don’t consume persimmons with seafood or high-protein foods qat the same time. According to Chinese medicine, persimmons and seafood are cold, so it’s easy to cause abdominal pain.

- People with diabetes should avoid persimmons, becaue this fruit is rich in harmful sugar (10,8%) (surcose, fructose, glucose, although glucose is essential for your cells). Eating persimmons will increase blood sugar.

- Finally, remember to brush your teeth after eating persimmons. Tannin where the small pieces of persimmon are attached to the teeth will cause tooth decay and dullness.



If you want to eat Japanese hanging dried persimmon, you can choose Kentary. Coming to Kentary you are assured of its quality, Kentary is guaranteed by three rules:

100% from nature

No chemical preservation




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