Soft-dried Son La's Plum With Honey


SOFT-DRIED SON LA PLUM WITH HONEY KENTARY   Kentary soft-dried Son La's Plum With Honey - Pure natural food made from healthy plums harvested in Northern highlands and blended with sweet natural honey to make the product not just delicious but ..

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Kentary soft-dried Son La's Plum With Honey - Pure natural food made from healthy plums harvested in Northern highlands and blended with sweet natural honey to make the product not just delicious but also good for health.



Plums have been grown at Moc Chau since 1980. Nowaday, Moc Chau becomes the largest area growing plums in Son La with 1.200 ha. When April comes to the end, apricot season is over and plums have just come. When plums are ripe, it get dark red to purple inside out. There is a layer of white powder covering outside its skin.  This type of plums are still a bit sour, even when they’re ripe. Not only good tasting, red plums are also a natural medicine with multi-effects.





Son La’s plum is rich in potassium, vitamin A, iron, vitamin B2 and magnesium, fiber to enhance the digestive system. A ripe plum contains 26% vitamin C, 13% vitamin K, and 11% vitamin A. When combined with honey, it has good health effects:


Aid in Digestion

Sorbitol and isatin have a laxative effect and encourage the secretion of fluids in the bowels and promote the efficient flushing of waste through the colon.


Son La plums help aid in digestion and protect cardiovascular health – Kentary pic



Protect Heart Health

Research has provided supporting evidence regarding the fact that the regular intake of dried plums helps in promoting fluidity of blood in the arteries. This protective effect aids in the prevention of various cardiac disorders, including atherosclerosis, heart attack, and stroke.


Good for your bones

According to several studies, consuming plums improves bone health. Plums contain boron, which is important for preservation of bone density and maintaining bone health.



Control blood sugar

Most of the calories in plums come from carbs in the form of sugar. Despite its high carb and sugar content, plums have a low-glycemic index, which means they only cause a small rise in blood sugar. In addition to keeping blood sugar levels closer to normal, filling your diet with more low-glycemic foods like plums may make it easier for you to manage a healthy weight and reduce your risk of heart disease.


Improve vision

Plum also provides protection of vision. Reduces the risk of developing eye diseases caused by old age.


Mận Sơn La mật ong sấy ít ngọt

Son La plums are rich in antioxidants that help prevent cancer effectively – Kentary pic




These fruits contain vitamin C and phytonutrients. These components have effective antioxidant qualities which help in preventing the damage caused by oxygen radicals called superoxide anion radicals. A study published in the Journal of Medicinal Foo, concluded that the phenols present in plums also extend their protective effect on the essential fats in the neurons and cell membranes against any injuries caused by oxidative stress.


Prevent Cancer

Plum extracts have been proven beneficial in the treatment of cancer. Studies have shown that the component epicatechin, present in plums, helps in inhibiting the growth and proliferation of malignant cancer cells. They are rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients, including chlorogenic and neo-chlorogenic acid which have a curative effect on breast cancer cells, without harming the healthy cells of the body.





Eating plums will help reduce nausea and morning sickness – Kentary pic

Eliminates Stress And Fatigue

Many women complain of tiredness during pregnancy. With energy levels hitting rock bottom, many women find it difficult to lead a normal life. Adding plums to your pregnancy diet is a great way to get a kick of energy, since they are rich in antioxidants and potassium.


Helps To Absorb Iron

On average, eating one plum can provide 10% of your daily vitamin C needs, keeping your gums healthy and help absorb iron for your body.


Prevents dehydration

Dehydration during pregnancy can lead to dangerous symptoms such as headaches, dizziness and even lead to premature birth in the first trimester. Plums contain more than 93% water, which is suitable for pregnant women to provide water for your body, especially on hot summer days.


Boosts Immune System

Coming down with flu, cold, diarrhea etc. might not seem serious on normal days. Though, during pregnancy, even the most common illnesses are undesirable. Plums contain vitamin C, which as we all know, helps to greatly strengthen the immune system, and keeps common illnesses away.


Plum is good for pregnant women and fetus’s development – Kentary pic


If you want to have soft-dried Son La's Plum with honey, you should contact directly to Kentary. Kentary guarantees:

  ❌No preservatives

  ❌No aroma compound

  ❌No genetically modified (Non GMO)




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