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KENTARY KUDZU FLOUR carries the sun’s fiery scent together with the wind’s delicacy, the chill of the rain, and the richness of the Central region’s fruits.           BENEFITS OF KUDZU  FL..

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KENTARY KUDZU FLOUR carries the sun’s fiery scent together with the wind’s delicacy, the chill of the rain, and the richness of the Central region’s fruits.










Reduce body heat

Relieve Constipation

Cure alcoholic intoxication

Prevent Osteoporosis

Relieve Migraine

Anti-aging, especially aging

Relieve cold and fever




Those who have enjoyed the products of Central Vietnam will feel different from other regions, perhaps because they are not blessed by trees in this land are not as lush as other regions. And in order to survive it must fight fiercely with extreme weather and put all the essence of heaven and earth into the children, into the next generation. So when you lift any handmade product of Central Vietnam, you are possessing a gift from nature.




Cassava flour - the valuable extract of the Kudzu plant – Provided by Minh Truong.




Just like when you consume Kentary cassava flour planted from Quang Tri, the harshest land in Vietnam, you will feel the aroma that is particularly found in the Kudzu plants, the cool taste the tip of the tongue to , later spreading to .









Kudzu flour is extracted from the Kudzu plants grown in Quang Tri, which itself from Kudzu plants in other regions because the farmers feed them with decompose leaves, instead of chemical fertilizer. Therefore,  it is good for your health. From the Kudzu bulbs, people grind them into fine powder, filter the flour with water through multiple phases to eliminate sediment. After that, people leave it under the sun until flour is completely to create a refreshing product.








Kudzu flour works best when you are having a fever. A glass of cassava flour would immediately relieve you from fatigue.



Moreover, this flour many other benefits that people rarely know.



The cooling and aromatic cassava flour is usually used as a beverage during hot summer, used to detox the body after drinking alcohol or cocain without causing any uncomfortable side effects, such as headache or dizziness.




cassava flour with lemonade, a gift for your health – Provided by Minh Truong




Kudzu flour contains many beneficial to health, such as . Among them is , an anti-inflammatory and antibiotic substance which fights against cancer, and , a compound that white blood diseases.




According to Science & Vie, kudzu is the only plant that has puéritin compound, a substance that relieve the symptoms of headache and migraine. In Chinese medicine, people use cassava flour to cure dizziness and tinnitus.




Furthermore, kudzu flour contains a number of minerals and that help the body prevent oxidation and osteoporosis.




Drinking kudzu flour daily would help your body prevent aging and brings benefits overall your health as well as .



guarantees to never sacrifice the qualities of the products, remains royal to the customers, and only distributes Vietnamese cassava flour.



-        3 teaspoons kudzu flour
-        1 teaspoon condensed milk or sugar
-        ½ lime
-        100ml water 
-        Ice

Put the kudzu flour into a glass with 50ml hot water, then add milk and squeeze the lime. Stir well until all ingredients blend together. Pour some cool water and ice. Enjoy!

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INGREDIENTS: 100% cassava flour

STORAGE: Store in a cool, dark, dry place. 

Products of Kaus Co., Ltd. Manufactured in Gio Linh, Quang Tri, Vietnam

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