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SUGAR FREE SOFT - DRIED APRICOT   Kentary Sugar Free soft-dried Apricot - Pure natural food made from Middle Eastern apricot and applied soft- dried without sugar technology with a temperature from 35 to 60 degrees Celsius to maint..

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Kentary Sugar Free soft-dried Apricot - Pure natural food made from Middle Eastern apricot and applied soft- dried without sugar technology with a temperature from 35 to 60 degrees Celsius to maintain all healthy nutrients.



Sugar free soft-dried apricots were made from the apricots that characterized by the tender sour-sweetness, not by the sharp sourness of the regular ones. When eating, you can taste a faint aroma blended with a mild sourness and the natural sweetness of fruit


Dried Apricot Kentary is applied soft-drying technology at low temperature that helps maintain natural colors and vaporises the moisture content in the food. Therefore, this method will preserve the freshness of food over long periods of time. Kentary dried fruits are commonly used as an ingredient in cake's recipes or gifts, instead of fruits which are added chemical colors.



Raw materials are imported directly from the Middle East, after the drying process, the fruit is still naturally yellow with smooth peel as well as light sweet taste. The acidity of apricot after drying has also decreased, so it will reduce the hard feeling of fresh apricot. Thanks to the advanced drying technology, apricots are not too dry.






Prevent anemia


Dried apricots have high iron content, which is good for preventing anemia. Dried apricots contain minerals such as iron and copper, which produce hemoglobin. Therefore, adding dried apricots to your daily diet would be able to produce more hemoglobin, which is quite useful for women during menstruation (according to the World Health Organization).



Prevent constipation-Boost digestion


Dried apricots contain pectin (mucus) and contain cellulose. It is a mild laxative and has an effect on treating constipation. Cellulose acts as an insoluble fiber and pectin maintains water in the body during constipation.

Dried apricot contains a significant amount of insoluble and soluble fiber, soluble fiber bonded to fatty acids to promote excretion of waste and help maintain blood sugar, cholesterol levels (according to Ministry American Agriculture).



Apricot is a great snack that is good for health- picture from Kentary



Healthy skin- Bright eyes

Dried apricots contain high level of vitamin A which is essential for cell growth, immune system and eye’s health. Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant that removes free radicals and keeps cells healthy.

Damaged free radicals can cause injury for your eyes, leading to cataracts or affect blood supplements to eyes and cause macular degeneration. Eating dried apricots will help reduce the risk of cataracts. A study of more than 50,000 nurses found that women with the highest level of vitamin C reduced the risk of cataracts by nearly 40%.

It is reported in the Archives of Opthamology that eating fresh fruit or dried apricots daily might reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration (ARMD). This is main cause of vision loss in the elderly.



Control heart rate - lower blood pressure


Dried apricot is a powerful source of potassium. This is a mineral and electrolyte that is useful for regulating intracellular and extracellular water balance, helping improve muscle function and stabilizing heart rate, promoting easy digestion and healthy bones.


In fact, dried apricot contains three times more potassium than bananas, helping lower blood pressure. Potassium is more water-repellent than sodium that reduces blood pressure. Eating 4.7 grams of dried apricots daily will maintain normal blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke.



One of the most useful supplements for people with high blood pressure- picture from Kentary



Skin care


Essential oils in apricot is good for your face skin, as well as has an effect on fighting aging, so adding dried apricots to your daily diet will allow your body absorb more healthy ingredients that make your skin glowing from inside. It is also suitable for people with sensitive skin and reduces dermatitis effectively.

Dried apricot juice can be used to treat itching caused by sunburn, eczema and scabies. It also helps clear acne and other skin problems. In addition, dried apricot is beneficial for exfoliating your skin.

Apricot oil is very useful for skin care. It will make your skin bright and smooth. Besides, apricot oil is also a good remedy for ear pain.



Prevent cancer

Dried apricots are rich in antioxidants, especially phenolic, which inhibit free radicals and prevent cancer effectively.

Free radicals are atoms or molecules that lose an electron in the outer shell. They are produced continuously during the metabolism or formed under the influence of external factors such as environmental pollution, stress, alcohol, tobacco, and etc.

Due to the loss of electrons, free radicals are very unstable and tend to steal electrons from neighboring structures, creating new free radicals. This process causes damage to cell membrane, protein molecules, DNA, and etc. As a result, there are mutations that damage cells, dysfunction.



Each apricot is rich in of antioxidants –picture from Kentary



Improve vision

Apricots are rich in vitamin A which is very good for your eyes and body. 100 grams of apricots provide enough daily required levels of vitamin A by containing magnesium, calcium and potassium. It is also a natural antioxidant, which helps to brighten eyes and balance nervous system, treat insomnia.



Aid in weight loss


Dried apricot is suitable for women as a snack, but helps lose weight and improve skin effectively.  Not only having delicious taste, apricot also aid in weight loss and avoid fat accumulation like other junk foods thanks to low calorie content.


Dried apricot includes acid, carotene, vitamin C, vitamin B1, tannin, lycopene, and pectin. These substances stimulate oxygen metabolism in cells, recover cells quickly and slow down aging. Beta-carotene in apricot can be converted into vitamin A supplied for your body.


Thanks to containing magnesium, calcium and potassium, 100 grams of apricots provide enough daily needed vitamin A for your body.



This fruit is effective in losing weight -picture from Kentary





Nutrients in apricots help maintain stable blood sugar level. Thus, it has an effect on preventing gestational diabetes.


A rich source of iron in apricots helps prevent anemia and reduces pregnant women’s stress.


Apricot also contains folic acid, which prevents birth defects such as spina bifida.


Vitamins and minerals in apricots will boost fetal development.


Nutrients in apricots help maintain stable blood sugar.


Thereby, it has ability to prevent gestational diabetes during pregnancy.


Because apricot is a low-calorie fruit, you do not need to worry about gaining weight when eating. In contrast, you are provided with a lot of nutrients. Apricot is one of the most favorite fruits of pregnant women.



Freeze-dried apricot is an favorite food of many mothers - picture from Kentary


DIRECTIONS: Eat directly. For other uses, giveaways and more, visit us at


INGREDIENTS: 100% Middle Eastern apricot


STORAGE: Store in a cool, dark, dry place.






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