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Despite its name, hurry sickness isn’t an actual medical or mental health condition. Still, a pressing need to hurry through tasks and make the most of every moment can represent a legitimate concern for many people. Yet rushing through life can affect physical health and leave you feeling unfulfilled and unable to devote attention to the people and things you care for most. In this article, we take a look at hurry sickness -  “a common disease” in modern era

  1. What Is Hurry Sickness?

harrying sense of time urgency - google image 

Cardiologists Meyer Friedman and Ray Rosenman coined the term "hurry sickness" after noticing that many of their patients suffered from a "harrying sense of time urgency." They defined hurry sickness as "a continuous struggle and unremitting attempt to accomplish or achieve more and more things or participate in more and more events in less and less time."

People with hurry sickness think fast, talk fast, and act fast. They multitask and rush against the clock, feeling pressured to get things done and getting flustered by any sign of a problem. They're everywhere, too. Professor Richard Jolly of the London Business School recently found that 95 percent of the managers he studied suffer from the condition.

  1. What Are the Consequences of Hurry Sickness?

We might give ourselves a hard time  - google image 

We might give ourselves a hard time when we drop the ball by doing a bad job or failing to finish what we were striving to complete in the impossible timetable we set for ourselves.

Hurry sickness can eclipse what’s really important in our lives — our relationships with others. You forget important dates, push others aside because you lack the time to offer emotional support or physical affection, and find it difficult to keep hold of the frayed edges of your temper. In short, you struggle to remain present and engaged with your loved ones, which can do lasting emotional damage to all involved.

Spending your days hurrying often means you devote less time to self-care. When you don’t have good self-care practices in place to protect against stress and anxiety, you might begin to notice physical health effects:

  • trouble sleeping

  • changes in appetite

  • fatigue

  • headaches

  • stomach issues

  • decreased immune health

  1. How to slow down

  • Mindfulness — whether it’s meditation or just taking a few deep breaths — helps you focus your attention on the things happening in the moment, so it’s an important skill to develop when trying to manage hurry sickness.

    Mindfulness helps you focus your attention on the things happening in the moment - google image 

  • Stop multitasking. The danger of juggling multiple tasks  is that you spread yourself too thinly. Either you won't work to the best of your ability, or you won't ever complete anything.

  • Prioritization can also make a difference. You probably can’t refuse every task you’d like to turn down. Instead, evaluate your responsibilities and identify which need immediate attention and which can wait.

  • Making time for yourself makes it easier to show up as your best self and stay present as you move throughout the day. Balancing your responsibilities with enjoyable activities also makes it easier to remember that you don’t always need to hurry

  • Seek support from your manager, colleagues and family. Working with a strong support base and finding allies  within it is a great way to share concerns and responsibilities

Source: mindtools, healthline 



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