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Sprays, candles, oils, repellent clip-ons — you name it, somebody has tried it. But, some people have turned to a more unconventional method of mosquito repellent: food.. Some of the fragrances created by your diet are unappealing to mosquitoes or otherwise mask your natural aroma. Read ahead to discover which foods help avoid mosquito bites.

  1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes can help avoid mosquito bites - google image

Tomatoes are one of several foods that are rich in thiamine, also known as vitamin B1. Many people suggest that a diet abundant with thiamine can be very effective at deterring mosquitoes and some other bugs, though this has faced some debate in recent years. Thiamin-rich tomatoes make you less enticing to mosquitoes and prevent them from biting.

  1. Bananas

While actual scientific proof of bananas' effectiveness as an insect repellent are a bit inconclusive, some people swear by them. One possibility could be a chemical called 3-octanol found in bananas and is said to be a natural insect repellent, while another could be bananas' high levels of potassium, which increase our bodies' production of lactic acid; the less lactic acid, the less attractive we are to bugs.

  1. Grapefruit

Grapefruit should help repel mosquitoes - google image

Grapefruit is a refreshing summertime treat packed with vitamin C and antioxidants. But when it comes to repelling mosquitoes, a compound called nootkatone is a hero because it can be used in multiple ways to get rid of mosquitoes. Not only can you snack on grapefruit, but you can use grapefruit oil on your skin, too.

  1. Garlic

Garlic is perhaps the most well-known food linked to deterring mosquitoes. This popular Italian food ingredient releases a compound known as allicin, which is released through your pores when you consume it. Allicin interferes with your natural scent, therefore helping to mask you from those persistent pests.

  1. Lemongrass

Lemongrass is a common mosquito repellent - google image

Lemongrass contains an oil called citronella, a common mosquito repellent. Swap your summer glass of lemonade for a chilled glass of lemongrass tea or carefully use lemongrass oil on your skin for a quick mosquito repellent.

  1. Hot Peppers

One word: capsaicin. This potent, heat-producing compound is the active element of the chili pepper, which produces its signature spiciness. Capsaicin is an irritant for many species, which is why you experience that burning sensation when you eat it. Because it is such a renowned irritant for many types of bugs, capsaicin is already used as a natural insecticide in many parts of the world. In addition, mosquitoes are repelled by the smell that you release upon eating capsaicin-containing foods, so they steer clear.

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