Soft-dried Ninh Thuan's Green Apple


SOFT - DRIED NINH THUAN GREEN APPLE   Kentary Soft-dried Ninh Thuan Green Apple - Pure natural food made from green apples harvested in Ninh Thuan, Vietnam.     BENEFITS OF NINH THUAN’S GREEN APPLE   Rich in an..

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Kentary Soft-dried Ninh Thuan Green Apple - Pure natural food made from green apples harvested in Ninh Thuan, Vietnam.





Rich in antioxidants

Apples are rich in vitamin C, seven to ten times higher than that in orange and mandarin. Furthermore, the amount of vitamin C in green apple is 100 times greater than the amount found in Chinese red apples. So, apples are beneficial in boosting the immune system, counteracting oxidation, and good for health and skin.

The amount of vitamin P, a substance found to relieve depression, tiredness, and insomnia, is dozens of times higher in comparison to that of orange and mandarin.



Boost Brain Health

Apples increase the amount of acetylcholine in the brain, which is linked to improving concentration, problem-solving, and memory.



Cure anemia

People having anemia or lacking vitamins and hemoglobin should consume green apple. This fruit is also used to relieve gout and chronic osteoarthritis, prevent the formation of uric acid. Moreover, green apple is a miracle fruit that enhances your immunity and boosts energy for your body.



Green apple helps you prevent insomnia and improve brain health – Kentary pic



Strengthen bone health

Ninh Thuan green apple contains many compounds, such as calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus that make your skeletal system stronger and sturdier. Consuming it daily can make you less worried about bone problems. Ninh Thuan green apple is especially suitable with those who suffer from osteoporosis.



Prevent Constipation and Hemorrhoid

Green apple consists of chlorogenic acid that helps to remove oxalic acid out of your body and enhance liver, stomach, colon and digestive system’s activities.  Hence, eating apples can prevent constipation. Hemorrhoid patients would improve their condition if frequently consuming green apple.


Green apple is rich in flavonoid that is good for your health – Kentary pic



Preventing Cancer

Being enriched with anti-inflammatory, anti-mutagenic, anti-proliferative qualities and flavonoids, apples have the potential to lower the chance of pancreatic cancer. According to experts regular consumption of apples can also prevent your body from mammary tumors.



Aid in weight loss

If you are looking for a way lose weight, eating green apples is an ideal choice. You should eat green apples daily as it is able to prevent fat accumulation by absorbing them from the blood vessels and maintaining normal blood flow to heart. This improves your metabolism and thus your weight can be controlled.

Moreover, each green apple contains approximately 80 calories, so eating them more does not make you gain weight.



Preventing Skin Aging

Green apple contains many antioxidant agents, which helps reproduce, rejuvenate skin cells and prevent aging effects. Hence, your skin will always look healthy and glowing. Antioxidants also help protect liver, so your skin will always be full of vitality, high elasticity, and prevent dark circles on your skin.



Ninh Thuan green apples are good for your bone and teeth – Kentary pic



Preventing Diabetes


Another important health benefit of apples is that it aids in fighting off oxygen-free radicals that cause diabetes. Apples are rich in soluble fibers, the key to decrease blood sugar. 



Boost metabolism



Green apple contains some minerals such as iron, copper, zinc, manganese, potassium ... Iron contained in each green apple is a trace element that enhances oxidation levels in the blood and speeds up metabolism.






Eating dried green apple will help pregnant women treat nausea – Kentary pic



Reducing risk of allergies in fetus

Antioxidants in apples not only help boost mother's immune system, but are also beneficial for fetal health. Eating apples regularly will prevent baby from allergies.



Keeping baby from getting sick

A recent study of the effects of apples on pregnant women was conducted as follows: Pregnant women were divided into two groups, one group don’t eat apples, the other group eat 1 to 2 apples per day. The results showed that women who eat apples regularly will reduce the risk of asthma in their baby after giving birth.



Besides its great benefits for pregnant women, green apple is also good for fetal development – Kentary pic



Prevent constipation

Green apples contain chlorogenic acid which promotes the removal of oxalic acid from your body and normalizes the activity of liver, stomach, intestines and gastrointestinal tract. Eating apples also increases appetite and prevents constipation.




Pregnant: Despite its great effects, pregnant women should not eat too much, because it can cause indigestion. When buying Ninh Thuan green apples, it’s better to pay attention to its source. Avoiding buying apples sprayed pesticides, which will not be beneficial for you and your baby. Remember wash apples with salt water before eating.


Young children: Because of its small size, it is easy for children to  put in the mouth and easily cause choking. So when children eat apples, parents must pay attention to them.


People with acne: Ninh Thuan green apple is a kind of small and sour fruit. Although it’s not sweet,  it is still listed on the hot fruit. Because apple will slow down your digestive system, cause acne if you eat too much.



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