V.Kaus Co., Ltd with brand Kentary, established in 2011, specializes in manufacturing, packaging, and selling products such as Sugar-free dried fruit, honey-dried fruit, soft-dried fruit, freeze-dried fruit, supplements, colloidal nano silver.


We started 10 years ago with the family's original product, Quang Tri kudzu flour, which caught the attention of Japanese customers. Our kudzu flour is 100% pure, the making process is completely handmade, using only organic fertilizers. That helps to keep the original taste of kudzu, without any other flavoring or preservatives.


Over the past 10 years, Kentary has expanded its natural health product portfolio to nearly 80 products:

  • Sugar-free dried fruit: 30 products
  • High-tech freeze-dried fruit: 50 products (including unsweetened dried fruit)
  • Supplements: 10 products
  • Nutritional nuts: 10 products.
  • Honey dried fruit: 4 products.
  • Soft-dried fruit: 15 products
  • Freeze-dried fruits: 4 products.


The advantages of Kentary Dried Fruit Products:

  1. 100% natural fruits that have been carefully selected and are not genetically modified.
  2. No preservatives.
  3. Freeze-drying technology preserves the flavor, color, and nutrition of the fruit.
  4. Wide range of products to suit the taste of many people.
  5. Careful packaging, preserving the taste and quality of the product.


Kentary's most popular and best-selling products include:

Sugar-free Soft-dried apricot; Soft-dried Son La plum; Freeze-dried strawberry; Sugar-free soft-dried date; Japanese hanging dried persimmon; Sugar-free soft-dried strawberry; Sugar-free soft-dried laba banana; Turmeric extract powder; Colloidal nano silver.


Kentary's fruits source is from selected farmers and gardeners throughout Vietnam, ensuring a careful selection of qualified fruit products:

  • Apply organic, non-GMO, and environmental-oriented cultivation and farming methods according to Viet Global standards.
  • Use local resources to support local economic development.
  • Apply standard farming methods to increase farm productivity, harvest fruits in the right season with high quantity along with stable quality.


Featured pictures:

Freeze-dried strawberries - Strawberry farm in Da Lat.

Soft-dried Son La plum - Plum farm in Moc Chau, highland in the North.

Soft-dried shaking mango - Southern farm.


Other supplements of Kentary:

  1. Colloidal nano silver: 03 types: 5ppm, 7ppm, 10ppm.
  2. Starches: Pure kudzu flour; Yellow turmeric extract powder; Orange turmeric extract powder which is rich in curcumin; Red Reishi Mushroom Spores And Turmeric Extract Powder Mix; Ginger extract powder;...
  3. Nutritional nuts: Walnuts; Pistachios; Almond; Macadamia: cashews; chia seeds.
  4. Lonely garlic: Lonely black garlic; Hanoi Black Garlic