Soft-dried Papaya with passion fruit flavor


SOFT-DRIED PAPAYA WITH PASSION FRUIT FLAVOR   Kentary Soft-dried Papaya with Passion fruit flavor - Pure natural food made from papayas harvested in Lamdong (Vietnam) and added passion fruit flavor. Then, applied drying technolo..

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Kentary Soft-dried Papaya with Passion fruit flavor - Pure natural food made from papayas harvested in Lamdong (Vietnam) and added passion fruit flavor. Then, applied drying technology with temperature to 10 from 40 degree Celsius to maintain all healthy nutrients.



When it comes to papaya, it is no stranger to all Vietnamese people. As a dessert after every meal in your family, papaya is very good for human health. In addition, papaya is one of the most favorite jams during Tet. Today, Kentary will introduce you Soft-dried Papaya with Passion fruit flavor – an healthy and delicious snack.



Ripe papaya has yellow color and sweet taste – Kentary pic



The pieces of papaya are sweet and aromatic combined with the sour taste of passion fruit to make a new dish which is more delicious than other traditional dishes.





The amount of beta carotene in papaya is higher in other vegetables. Beta carotene is a precursor of vitamin A. This is a micronutrient that acts as a powerful antioxidant against certain cancers, dry eye, dry skin and has laxative effect. 100g of ripened papaya contains 2,100 mcg of beta carotene.



In addition, papaya is a rich source of vitamins. Papaya can provide essential vitamins for your body such as vitamin A and vitamin C, 100g papaya has 74-80 mg vitamin C. Thanks to a rich souce of vitamin C and carotene, papaya has antioxidant effects and boosts immune system.


Papaya also contains vitamin B1, B2 and minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc. Eating papaya regularly will increase red blood cells and improve liver’s function for people with malaria.





Improves Heart Health
Having three powerful antioxidant vitamins – namely vitamin A, C, and E, means papayas are helpful in preventing problems such as atherosclerosis and diabetic heart diseases. The presence of pro-carotenoid phytonutrients helps prevent oxidation of cholesterol in the body. When oxidation of cholesterol takes place, it sticks to the walls of the blood vessels and forming plaque that can lead to heart attacks and strokes. Vitamin E and vitamin C contained in papayas help in preventing the cholesterol from sticking to the walls, thereby keeping your heart healthy. As a good source of fiber, papayas also help reduce the LDL cholesterol levels in the body. Include papayas in your daily diet as a snack to keep your heart healthy. 




Weight Loss

Papayas are also good for people who are trying to lose weight naturally given the fiber, water, vitamins, and minerals that it contains. Having a bowl of papaya as a mid-evening or mid-morning snack is good for health.



Passion fruit flavored freeze-dried papaya is really delicious and good for your health – Kentary pic


Anti-inflammatory Effects
The enzymes present in papayas, especially the papain and chymopapain, reduce the inflammation in different parts of the body


Anticancer Properties
Researchers have discovered that papayas are effective in the fight against breast, pancreatic, and other cancers. Papayas contains lycopene - a strong antioxidant that helps to prevent cancers.


Helps Prevent Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is an age-related eye disorder in which the ocular cells degenerate, resulting in blurred vision and can cause blindness. An antioxidant named beta-carotene gives papaya its orange color. Just as carrots help improve the eyesight due to the presence of beta-carotene, papayas are also known to be effective in reducing the effect of macular degeneration.





- Babies under 1 year should avoid.

- People with blood thinning should limit its use.



Passion Fruit Flavored Freeze-dried Papaya is applied freeze-drying technology at low temperature that helps maintain natural colors and vaporises the moisture content in the food. Therefore, this method will preserve the freshness of food over long periods of time. Free-dried fruits are commonly used as an ingredient in cake's recipes or gifts, instead of fruits which are added chemical colors.

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